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Do you play roblox?
If you do my name is zuis14 i play it not that often but if you have never played it i would suggest it.
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what do you think about the upcoming movie the good dinosaur?
Disney*plot*what if the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs missed the earth?
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Bigfoot sighting
So when i was 8 me and my cousin and my dad and his dad were driving around at night and we were driving slow well i look out the window on my cousins side and i see a a tree shake and then i see 2 orange glowing eyes pop up on...
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A question ive had since i was a kid
i had a stupid idea once after watching an episode of spongebob about opposite day i thought so theres flashlights? what about darklights? in the day when its to bright you can use it to make it so its not so bright.
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Any advice about something?
well i like a 2 girls they are both really nice ill label them 1 and 2 well 1's traits are she likes things i like but she does not like me she only likes me as a friend we share similar traits.2's traits are shes really nice ...
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Do you beleive cryptids?
Do you beleive cryptids? post the ones you beleive! :D
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Vampire spell did it work im paranoid..
Well i did a vampire spell offline i was bored and since then my two teeth got sharp and i got bags under my eyes D; HALP! and the baggy eyes isnt my imagination its all dark around my eyes and im a vegetarian but i have a sudd...
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