Just a nice story about a girl named Alice who is 12 years old, bullied and what she goes through in life.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

It was a normal Friday day and Alice Richardson was coming home from middle school."Hi Alice" her mom Christa said as she walked in the house.''Oh um'' Alice tried to cover a bruise on her face near her right eye. "Christa immediately removed her hand and sighed."Alice dose this always happen when you come back from school" "Yes mom" "Its the second time this week Alice im getting worried about your safety".Alice walked right upstairs to her room and slammed the door shut. "Why dose this always happen to me?".Alice looked at her phone,People had edited her face on social network websites such as Facebook and made her look ugly. Alice dook a deep breath and sighed."At least it is a Friday no school for 2 days,and that means no Bully's". Later that day Alice close friend and bestfreind Riley came over "How come Jessie always bullies you" said Riley "I dont know". Riley looked at her "You have a bruise dont you'' "Maybe" said Alice.
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Hope you like it
on February 15, 2014