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Chapter 3
Alice stood there like a a stupid dog. "Well well well" said Jessie. Alice grabbed her mothers arm and ran straight out the exit. Later that day Alice was getting tired of sobbing about the incident and decided to just forget about the whole thing. Christa walked in suddenly. "Alice I meant to talk to you about something" "Yes mom?" "Who were those girls today?". Alice imagined Jessie. Her long blonde hair up to her shoulders,her hazel blue and green eyes. "Alice,Alice" "Oh yes sorry,mom" "Ho...
on February 15, 2014
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Chapter 2
Just after Riley left Alice decided to go on Facebook again to check for any cyber bullies. Just then there was a picture of her and a captoin that read "THIS GIRL IS A DOOFUS".Alice sighed why her, just why her?. Just then Christa walked in "Alice" "Yes Mom''. "Get ready to go to the supermarket"."OK"sighed Alice. Later that day at the supermarket,Alice and her mother were near the fresh meats aisle,when,Alice couldn't believe it,Jessie her biggest bully was there with her 2 BFF'S Michelle a...
on February 14, 2014
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Just a nice story about a girl named Alice who is 12 years old, bullied and what she goes through in life.
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