You Can't Run From The Wicked(Supernatural)

You Can't Run From The Wicked(Supernatural)

What happens when Sam and Dean find out they have two sisters? will they drop them off at an orphanage? or will they take on the responsibility of raising two teenage girls?

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One:Wait...what was your last name again?...

Chapter One:Wait...what was your last name again?...


we walked out of the bar"well,that was a bust!..."i said,"yeah,well we can't solve them all..."Sam said,i felt rather strange..."I TOLD YOU B*TCH,EITHER YOU TELL US OR I WILL KILL YOU!!!"i heard a girl yell,me and Sam ran to were we heard the girl scream only to see two 13 year old girls beating the shit out of a demon,one had black hair,silver eyes,and was wearing a black veil brides shirt,black skinny jeans,a bvb necklace on,and black vans,the other one had light brown hair what looked like emerald green eyes with a tint of brown,and she was wearing a pierce the veil shirt,she also had a LOT of rubber band bracelets,as did the other girl,and she had a ptv necklace on,black skinny jeans,and combat boots.we watched them beat up the demon,the girl with black hair killed the demon after it wouldn't talk."well,that was fun..."the girl with brown hair says,"yeah,well were not any closer on our case"the girl with black hair says,"you do know there are two guys watching us right now don't you?"the girl with brown hair says without looking at us,"who the f*ck are you?"the girl with brown hair asked"i'm Dean and this is my brother Sam"i said,"i'm faith and that's my sister Kalista,"the girl with brown hair,who i know as faith now said,"Kalista,Winchester"Kalista bowed,"wait....what did you say your last name is?..."Same asked,"Winchester,why?"they said/asked in unison"what are the names of your parents?..."i asked"Mary and John Winchester..."they said once again in unison,"do you have any pictures?"Sam asked"yeah,there at our hotel"faith said"i'll drive you there and we can find out once and for all"i said,"find out what?"faith asked,"if your our sisters....."i said and got in baby,they got in the back and once i started it up faith and Kalista looked at each other and nodded,faith hooked up her ipod and played soem song called in the end by some band called black veil brides,i shook my head"so where is the hote-"i was cut off by faith handing me a peace of paper with the address on it.and then i drove off.i have to know.i have to know if there my sisters or not.
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