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Break up! -.-
so you guys remember when I said I got a boyfriend right? well yeah...he broke up with me two months ago. so (sarcastic)yay! :/
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I got a boyfriend! :)
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check out my new story's
so first off i am going to put all the links to my all my new story's and quizzes in here but before you click on them i suggest you make an account on that website,because iv'e made a lot of friends on there,and it's just an a...
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i sad i need advice
i cry every night now because my hero andy biersack is atheist and i want to see him in the after life...i pray for god to let him in when he dies but i don't know what to do,and i really sad about that,all i want to do is sit ...
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give me ideas please :)
well i need ideas for my next quiz so anything,your favorite tv show character favorite video game you name it.
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i need help, this could mean life or death :(
hey guys, see....i cut myself....and i don't know if i should stop or not i don't know what to do i love you guys but,*sighs* i just--i need help,any advice?
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i don't know whats wrong with me please help <:"(
it started when my cousin said he liked me ever scence i just feel really sad latly and i'm listening to my immortal on loop, what is wrong with me? please help <:(
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i need help :((
my cozen said he like likes me but i don't like him and plus where family and its wrong to date your family so what do i do :(.
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do you think wolves are cool
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who here knows who marshall lee is?
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why is he so mean to me?
well....there's this boy that my age and he always says mean things to me like "you can't run your a girl" and "your so stupid because your a girl" what should i do,what does it mean.
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