I love canada not a story.

This tells you about what I love about canada and what I love about it.

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I love the way of freedom, I love the way of life, and Canada has all I want and all I need. I love Canada my home and my life, live life breath air some how we’re going to get there, To Canada. To a place of freedom and rights a democracy and together Canada is more then just a place in the world, Canada is a home. Citizens and outsiders are all respected and treated equally. We will all join as one and sing as one our national anthem ‘Oh Canada’. Together Canada one big home, a place ware almost anything is possible. I could not ask for a better place to live. As I believe you only live once so I say, long live Canada!
Roses are red and violets are blue sugar is sweet and so is Canada.
Sing, laughing filled with joy, treats and treasures for every girl and boy. Freedom, rights, every ware, love and kindness in Canada. Sure some places are nice but ware I want to be most is in Canada. You are happy you are sad, people of Canada will help. A place of laughter, and a place of joy, I love Canada, it has all those things. Education is the best in Canada, which is why I love it. Playing and having fun is what you do. sure there is rough times, but all you have to know is it is great to be in Canada.
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