Would you rather?

Would you rather?

This is just a story with a bunch of would you rather questions! Comment which you'd rather, doesn't have to be EVERY one if them whatever you want to do. Oh and have fun! Warning:this story may contain gross/hard choices, and it'll be fun!!!

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Would you rather? Part 1!

1) would you rather get peed on by your little sibling in public, or pee your pants in public?
2) would you rather eat a spoonful of salt, or a spoonful of live worms?
3) would you rather see a giant snake, or a giant spider?
4) would you rather see an old man naked, or have an old man see you naked?
5) would you rather land in a pile of poop after falling from a high building, but have a soft landing or fall from a high building, land in water and lose all your clothes except for your underwear?
6) would you rather fart real loud and then your teacher asks you if you've gotta use the bathroom, or fall and slip in the cafeteria and have everyone be laughing?
7) would you rather (for girls, this one) lose your top or bottom while swimming?
8) would you rather (guys) be on a date and you forgot deodorant, or be on a date and fart really loud?
9) would you rather punch a little kid, or have a little kid touch you in the privates(the little kid does not understand yet about "privates") in front of public?
10) would you rather lick a squirrel that's been dead for years and is now hardened, and all dried up and crusty, or force your BFF to jump into a big pile of glass and sharp things like nails and tacs?
11) would you rather eat a live bee or a live fish?
12) would you rather laugh at a funeral and have people stare at you or think bad of you, or cry at a wedding and have a couple, not too many people laugh at you?
13) would you rather have your cat lick your toung or have your dog lick your privates?
14) would you rather be in a fight with a bear or lose your best friend?
That's all for now, I hope you all enjoyed! I'll make more chapters, just give me a little time. Sorry if any of them grossed you out!! Lol.
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Comments (2)

I know that this is a 6-year-old old post, but I’m commenting anyway.
1) I already peed my pants in public as a little kid.
2) Salt of course.
3) Giant Snake.
4) Have an old man see me naked. See More▼
on May 09, 2020
OMG, where the hell did u getthese XD
on December 09, 2015