Spirit horse

Spirit horse

When a horse from the heavens come to save a young teen, Dean, every thing in his life changes. Thanks to the horse named Starlight, Deans parents have no idea who he is. Even though Starlight destroyed everything, she is Deans only hope.

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Chapter 1.
Police chase

Police chase

Dean jumped the fence and kept running. Kyle and Tyler were right behind him, so were the police. It was easy to see since it was a bright night, but Dean kept running into things. Soon he finally got to his house. Quickly, he shut the door behind the others and locked it while Kyle and Tyler blocked the other doors and windows. They heard the police outside, and soon Deans parents arrived.
"What's going on!?" Matthew, Deans dad, exclaimed. The police explained everything to Mattew in great detail, so much detail it was really easy to convince any one.
"Right," Matthew said after. "Dean get out now! Your in big trouble!"
Since Dean has never been told off by his dad, he took a deep breathe and unlocked the door, making his hood cover his face. Dean was still smiling.

"Dean. After what the police had told me, your grounded and no hanging out with your friends. Your staying here working on the farm." Matthew was still furious.
"Dad just let me off. You know I didn't DO anything!" Dean smirked. Matthew ignored him. And kept writing.
"Don't smirk." Matthew replied, not looking up.
"Why not dad!? Why not!? Can't I make my own decisions?"
"When YOU do, it has something to do with the police!"

Dean sat on his bed. Tossing a ball onto the wall, making it bounce back.
"Well. Since every thing is so boring, I should just go outside.
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