What to do when you are bored

What to do when you are bored

I got some from the internet, other people and I made some up. Please enjoy and comment. Maybe even do some yourself!

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1) walk down the streets pretending your a robot.

2) say a word over and over again until it sounds weird.

3) text your friend saying you can't find your phone and you'll text them when you find it.

4) walk down the streets pretending your a car.

5) go on google and type up how to google something.

6) make up a song about cheese.

7) pretend you are your fave movie character on a secret mission.

8) do karate in slow motion.

9) try to put on as many socks on as possible.

10) in a crowded place yell "Hey you with the pants on!" and see who responds first.

11) pretend you are an astronaut.

12) scream "BUTTNUGGETS" at the top of your lungs

13) put a walkie talkie in someone's room when they weren't looking then when they go in talk into your walkie talkie.

14) sing christmas carols on Halloween.

15) play knock and run on Halloween.

16) get dizzy and see how far you can run in a straight line.

17) follow someone and when they turn around to look at you, scream then walk off casually.

18) ask a question nobody can answer.

19) play fight with your pillow.

20) pretend your pillow is a dog/cat.
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Comments (4)

I do too many of these on a regular basis.. lol
on July 11, 2014
I always do the second one all the time
on March 06, 2014
on January 28, 2014
on January 23, 2014