He Shouldn't Have Done That

He Shouldn't Have Done That

This is my story of how BEN Drowned and how he got his revenge how his family used him and how his classmates thought he was a loser.

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He Met With A Fate...

He Met With A Fate...

Ben Was Always The Kid Behind School, He Looked Like A 10 Year Old In Height, Even Though He Was In Highschool.

Ben Loved Majoras Mask, It Was The Only Friend To Him, But he also liked to kill link in the game, it was his only entertainment, His parents were bad enough and his school, an entire nightmare, one day at school he had his casual day being called a loser, pushed around again called a loser, being called zelda idiot.. Yep a casual day, Even worse when he got home, his parents called him a "Grub" and forced him too cook dinner for them, and then get pushed and thrown.

There parents didn't let Ben sleep all night, there dig was watching, like a hawk, that's when Ben had the time to play majoras mask, he was almost finished the game, why almost done collecting the masks, now I mention majoras mask, Ben looked like link a lot, blond hair, green eyes shining anywhere like fire, and always wore green clothing. His parents awoke when he was almost done collecting all the masks, "YOU STUPID LITTLE PIECE OF CRAP! DON'T PLAY THAT STUPID GAME WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!!" Angrily said the parents, Ben accepted this fate and got thrown around a couple more times and kicked on.

The next day at school he was bleeding like mad, no one looked at him and no one spoke to him, he found the words "D U M B AS S" on his locker, 'dumbass' Ben grew angry, he usally would stay calm, but he felt a urge to.. 'No' he got the thought out of his mind and carried on, he ran into the same 3 kids again, this time, instead of punching, they locked Ben in a headlock while one of the kids kicked Ben's face "tough luck" said Randy ( a group member ) all the kids around them started to point at Ben and laugh and call him "ZELDA IDIOT" he accepted this, but he almost got that urge to.. He couldn't do that.

The bell rang and everyone had to get back to class, all the kids knocking him over made him late for class, the doors locked in him, leaving him on the school ground, Ben started to imagine new ways to torcher link when he got home, his top thought was to burn link, maybe? But right now, he couldn't because he was locked out of class, Ben heard the teacher say "today kids we're learning about Math!" Ben loved math, and he never got enough if it, though, he could just think about math in his mind? Nah. The wind blew faster than before as if it was a message.

The bell rang finally, he wasn't to happy it was only for lunch, he got kicked in the face multiple times and his stuff spread everywhere, his papers, his homework, his.. Drawings? Ben didn't really have a passion for drawing, he rarely did it, the drawing were pictures of either; link dying, or. Majoras mask. Ben smiled at the drawings, A bunch of kids started to rip the drawings, and ripped his homework apart, Ben grew enraged, he barely held it back. But his urge grew stronger.

He sat alone at the door not moving, looking at the ripped drawings and.. His homework "wait.. OH SHOOT!!" Ben looked at the homework he needed to hand it in otherwise he would get beaten to a pulp again, When the bell rang he ran home, all the other kids did, too. Finally the kids Ran to Ben and started to punch and kick BEN, he was bleeding like hell no, and no one cared if he bled to death, that moment he kicked the kids faces and tripped all of them, he felt a unique urge, way more difficult than before.

He walked home bleeding, his feet drew a trail of dark and dirty blood, across the path, he finally got home with his parents waiting with a tennis bat, he knew he was up for something, he slowly walked inside the house, Bens parents hit him with their weapons, Ben shrieked in pain they ignored it and they kept hitting him like he was some sort of dead animal. They shouldn't have done that..

He went to school the next day, the urge was even stronger than ever the kids didn't even look him in the eye, like they were afraid, Ben didn't notice that he had cuts through his arms, that seemed to creepy the kids out, but they cracked eventually, he wished they didn't, Randy got a pocket knife today, he cut through Bens skin, on the arm, no one seemed to notice or care, until randy stopped, Ben shrieked the whole time and its like no one heard him, His sanity almost died.. His urge grew to its fullest..

He walked home when school was done with and his parents stood with a bag and a rope, at first Ben was confused, then he realised, he was going to be taken hostage "Umm.. STAY AWAY FROM ME" Bens parents ran to Ben and tied him up, he heard the sounds of water peacefully, Ben couldn't swim! Ben started to struggle and move, but his parents wouldn't budge "You're A Grub" 12 Kids Came To Bens House Having the same idea, they all pushed BEN into the pool.. Then, his sanity died, his insanity went over the top, as BEN drowned, he laughed chaotically.

All the kids at school were laughing about how BEN died, so all the kids who hates BEN went to celebrate ( 71 kids ) Theyw ent to bens house after school, they decided to try to delete bens file as how cruel they are, they all looked at his save files "BEN" and "FATE" They played BEN, a text box appeared "You Shoudlnt Have Drowned Me..." All the kids read the text, it was unnerving, They quit the game after that.

They looked at bens body under the water, it was gone! Eyes were buried on the floor of the pool, they started to see BEN dressed as link, they saw the TV static with a human shaped head, it was BEN! With bleeding eyes dripping and dripping and splattering on the TV, "Who's The Toy Now..?" Everyone froze in fear, "Time To Die" The last things people ever saw in that house was bens face and the words "You shouldn't have done that.."
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Comments (4)

I enjoyed this.. Is that wrong.. The story is about how he murdered 73 people 71 kids and 2 perents (his mum and dad) but.. They deserved it
on August 16, 2016
on April 25, 2016
really enjoyed this omg loved the ending!!!!
on July 10, 2014
Wait wait wait... Wasn't Randy one of the kids who bullied Jeff? I'm pretty sure he was along-side Keith and Troy... Did that happen on purpose? Also, I can tell this is a fan-made version of how Ben became who he is.
on April 08, 2014