through the doors

through the doors

i have been alone for a year now, with only 2 friends. My old friend happens to be my step-dads son. What would happen, if he was the biggest crush i have ever had?

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Chapter 1.


I was roaming the halls after 9th period, and came to a stop at my locker. I put in the combo and looked at my locker. I had pictures of me and my old family, and my old friends.
I say my old family because when I was 7, my mom and dad divorced, my dad went to Japan or somewhere, and now, me and my mom live on Long Island, New York. Just last year, my mom remarried and now I'm still an only child, but my mom said I would be having a twin type person soon..... I'm still confused.
I felt like crying, because I have 2 friends now. One is my friend since 1st grade, Nicole. My other friend is Blake, who barely talks to me anymore. I think it’s because of rumors that keep getting spread about me, and he believes them. I just ignore him now in real life. I still Skype and text him.
In my picture, it was me, Blake, Nicole, and my old friends, Alex, Jessica, Marlene, Mary, Justin, and Jared. I missed them a lot, but I have to get over it.
I got my homework books and I slammed my locker. My locker 'buddy' wasn't here yet. You see how happy I am. No, that was not sarcasm, though it may seem like it.
I walked outside, and waited for my bus. Many people tried knocking me over. I was used to it though, it happens frequently.
I felt a tap on my shoulder. I whipped around with my arms in front of my face. "Honestly girl. Stop being so damned scared" my best friend Nicole said, "You were looking at the pictures again, weren’t you?" I nodded weakly. "God damnit girl! Are you seriously scared of me?" she practically yelled. No one paid any attention, so I smiled and said, "No! Why would you think that?" Nicole rolled her eyes at me. I laughed slightly.
My bus came up, and Nicole and I got on. We sat down somewhere in the middle, and ignored everyone else. “Hey, look! The nerds are here! Everybody! Take cover!!” a boy yelled on the bus, putting his sweatshirt over his head like an umbrella. Nikki (Nicole’s nickname) went to stand up and say something back to him, but I pulled her down before anyone saw. Kids were laughing everywhere at us. “Don’t. It will make them say more!” I whisper/yelled. She nodded and rolled her eyes. “Two” I said. She looked confused. “You rolled your eyes twice today. I'm gonna start counting now!” I told her happily. She rolled her eyes again and shook her head while I said, “Three”. We both laugh.
We get to my stop and we got off. As we were walking down the block, my house came into view, and there was a new car in the driveway. “Is that your stepdad’s?” Nikki asked. “No. My stepdad’s is the grey one. And my mom’s car is maroon.  Honestly I don’t know who’s that is.” I said confused. The two of us walked up the pathway leading to my house. I opened the door, and it was unlocked. Nikki and I exchanged nervous and worried glances.
We walked inside, and I called out, “Hello? Collin? Mom? I'm home with Nikki!” “Who’s Collin?” Nikki asked me. “My stepdad. I refuse to call him dad. Though I probably should sometime or another.” I replied. We walked into the kitchen, and put our stuff down. I heard a lot of laughing and yelling. I looked at Nikki, who was taking off her sweatshirt. I then followed the laughing to the T.V. room. I looked at the couch and I saw Collin and my biological dad laughing and watching football. I stare, straight at my dad. I never saw him laugh, or even smile.
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not bad!
on July 16, 2014
on January 18, 2014
This is really, really good!!!
on January 18, 2014