The Path To Safety

The Path To Safety

This is just a collection of stories of children I have saved and taken to better homes. It's not much, but I felt I should get a story of some sort on this site.

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A Certain Pattern

Now. Many of you have been wondering where I take the children I save, or how I know who to take and where to take them. I hope this collection of stories answers your questions.

Before I jump into my savings, I have to describe the pattern in which I do these missions. Each child I save has a unique home life and must be rescued accordingly. I take my missions very seriously and rarely allow anyone to accompany me or stop me from going. Not even BEN is allowed to come with me or hear of my expeditions while I'm saving children. As for the pattern of how I take the children, let me explain this.

The first thing I do is to find the children who need to be saved. I usually work on rescuing at least three or four of them at once. Once I know who I need to take, I watch them for a few days to get to know them and their life. Then I begin to search for a home that will treat them well, and they will fit into rather easily. Finding the needed home normally only takes a few days. I try to get the children as far from their previous home as possible. So it's actually a lot of work to do what I do.

Once I have the home chosen, I watch the new family, studying them and their schedule. Once I'm finally ready to transfer the child to the new home, I always wait until night falls. Never do I expose myself in daylight.

The parents are usually either too busy fighting to notice or sleeping when I take the child. I make myself seem as friendly and benevolent as possible. It normally works. Not many children fear me, and they all seem to listen to me rather well.

I take them from the home while no one is paying attention and lead them to the new home. I make a promise to every child, no matter what.

"If you come with me, I promise no one will ever hurt you again," I always tell them.

Then I leave them in the new home to have the happy life I once enjoyed before my father became an alcoholic.
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Comments (3)

you are so cool Raven! :D
on May 02, 2014
They aren't strangers. I know very well who they are and what they are like
on January 18, 2014
thats very cool :D
on January 07, 2014