all about dragons

all about dragons

this story is facts about dragons (my fav fantisy animal :D :3) :) :) :)

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Chapter 1.
Dragons:chapter 1

Dragons:chapter 1

The Dragon is a creature set apart from any other not beacause of his appearance, but because of the incredibly high intelligence level. One reason why the dragon attains an intelligence so much higher than that of man is most likely due to that fact that dragons live so much longer than man. It is wisdom gained over hundreds of years of experience that makes the dragon our superior. Young dragons in fact are much less intelligent than young humans. This could be because human children are raised and taught by their parents for many years. Young male dragons are left to hatch and fend for themselves. They rely purely on instinct for many years. Their level of intelligence at this time is no higher than a very cunning predator. The female dragons who are much rarer and very highly regarded are taken to the dragon court to be raised with the other young females where they recieve teaching of dragon knowledge.
The adult dragon is astute and extremely powerful. His cunning helps him to elude human traps and evade any attempt to capture or sometimes even merely to see the dragon. The dragon is also very proud. As well he should be, being well versed in magic and earth sciences. The dragons knowledge and use of magic is yet another piece of evidence proving his wisdom and intellectual ability. It is well known that magic takes an enormous amount of concentration and conditioning. Dragons have been know to magically hold human forms for many days without rest or returning to their original form. That is a task not easy to achieve without incredible concentration. In addition to taking human forms, dragons are also very versed in human language. Although the dragons' prefered language is latin, dragons are known to speak any toungue from within the region in which they live. A dragon also knows the power associated with names. Something which he keeps a closely guarded secret so as not to be used against him. A dragon goes only by assumed names so his cannot be used against him. A dragon's name is given to him by his father and changes throughout his lifetime as he encounters different events and as he matures.
The wisdom of an elder dragon is matched by no other creature known on this earth. Much of a dragons power and prestige is due to its great wisdom. Thanks to his wisdom, the dragon has been both revered and feared by humans throughout the ages. Whether or not dragons still exist today remains a mystery. They have the ability to walk among us, or to hide and never be found. Only a privileged few might have the fortune to meet one of these amazing creatures.
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