The Crow

The Crow

Patrick is a teenage boy who has been raised by an abusive adoptive father. One day, he meets a person that would change his life forever. What does the future hold for Partick?

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Chapter 1.

Normal Day

Patrick woke up suddenly from his sleep to the sound of something breaking. Looks like dad's back, he thought to himself. He studied his surroundings. His lamp was still on his desk, his late mother's photograph still stood on the bedside table and the laptop was in its place. The noise must be from the kitchen.
Patrick entered the living room and gazed out of the window. Piles of rubbish were stacked upon each other in the alleys. Then he saw an unfamiliar face: a girl with fair black hair and tannish skin. And she was looking in his direction. He stepped away from the window in panic.
"BOY!!” his dad yelled.
His dad stepped in. He was actually his adoptive dad, but Patrick's dad didn't like it. Dad smelt of alcohol again, just like always. He was a brutal man: if Patrick didn't get good grades, he'd punish the child. If Patrick tried to defend himself, the punches would be harder. Patrick slowly approached the brute of a man.
"Yes?” Patrick said quietly.
"The guys are coming over for dinner tonight. If you dare make a fool out of me, I'll punch you until every inch of your body is bruised! Now get dressed and go to school!"
Patrick obeyed. Every time he wanted to stand up to his adoptive dad, he held his tongue in fear he would be beaten. He just wished his mum was still alive. She was the only person who had cared about him.
Life wasn’t better at school. The teachers didn’t seem interested in doing their jobs, the food was terrible, the buildings looked as if they would fall any minute and the number of bullies was extraordinarily large. To make things worse, everyone was given extra homework due the next day.
As he walked home from school, he saw the same girl again, but was wearing a black cloak. She must have noticed Patrick was following her, as she started to walk faster and faster until she broke into a run. He ran behind her as she ran into the same alleyway from the previous morning, only to find…
…That it was a dead end, and she wasn't there. All that had remained was her black cloak, lying in a brown puddle.
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