Patient 166

Patient 166

when a crazed mental patient escapes their room and attacks innocent people all hell breaks loose can best friends "Shay" and "Kate" make it out alive?

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Chapter 1.

"The Beginning"

"All right mr. umm-"
"ah yes, have a good evening."
The professor nodded to the assistant and began cleaning and disposing of the days contaminated materials.
    Scanning his clip-board he walked down the dimly lit hallway to the tightly sealed room "166", he peered through the window.
    A fidgeting body lay on the soft floor, as it stood up to the sight of the scientist.
The sound proof walls and windows shielded the groans and screams of the disturbed being.
    The man quietly and carefully slipped the key into the keyhole and turned the knob, as he turned it slowly.
    Startled the man turned to his fellow work partner.
"Patient 223 is needed for restraint."
    He nodded, forgetting the unlocked room "166".
The slightly opened door flushed the noise of the scientists shoes across the hall, the patient stood to the noise, and with a few moans, charged out the door and stumbled, falling and hitting the wall.
The patient got back up, a bubbly liquid foaming from their mouth, making there way to the next room, where a meeting was being held between the workers.
    The crazed patient then proceeded to sneak into the room and attack one of the scientist's assistants, ripping and tearing flesh and blood from the 'now' dead woman that lay in the patients mouth.
    The scientists began panicking, screaming in fear as the dead assistant began flinching and suddenly stood back up, eyes with the look of death, (not to mention the smell).
"Holly Hell! professor that woman is-"
"Living dead!" another worker interrupted.
"Everyone stay calm!" The professor said walking to the door with a quick pace, only to find he had forgot the keys in the patients room.
   He thought once more then grabbed a chair, proceeding to smack, and pound it against the window open, letting the infected patients and workers out along with everyone else.
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Comments (4)

on February 25, 2016
wow. i could just tell this story would be creepy just from the title
on July 16, 2015
on May 21, 2014
uhm.. this is just what i have so far.. hope u guys enjoy!
on March 21, 2014