Cameron lives in an abusive home but has always managed to live but one mistake and she might not get to see her family, friends, and her love.

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Chapter 1.


As I lay on the cold hard ground I realized I'd never see him again. He'd never see me again and he would never get my answers to any of his questions. Unless I ran.
       "PLEASE! DON'T!" I yelled out with tears running down my cheeks.
        "You wanna be a dirty girl? I'll show you how dirty girls take IT!" He slid of my pants, I started kicking hoping some way somehow he would get off me and I'd have the chance to run. BINGO.
        “Dam it! GET ‘ER” They yelled at the same time.
I ran as fast as I could I didn't care where I was going I was just hoping they wouldn't find me. I ran into the shrubs entering the woods thinking of all the good memories in here and how I ended up in this situation. 30 seconds afterwards I tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground as I fell I noticed a sharp rock and then it collided with my temple. Not so long after that the two men came and saw my head gushing out blood getting into my eyes.
         "SHIT!" yelled the man in the black stained shirt.
        "Check her pulse" This man I hated the most for one reason and one reason only... he was my stepfather he raised me since I was 9!
        "Still breathing." called his friend. Damn You!
        "Great!" my stepfather said with an evil tone in his voice.
        "You know I’ve been watching you ever since you turned 16, mph.” He grunted. “ I've been wanting to do THIS to you," He ripped open my shirt and slid my pants off, I couldn't stop it,  he went on touching me and whispering in my ear all the nasty things he wanted to do to me.
For three years he's been wanting me, watching me, and finally he got what he wanted though it wasn't the way he expected.
His cold body pushing up against mine... Tears fell but I couldn't move and I couldn't make any noise, my body was frozen. HOW DARE SHE! HOW?? WHY??? Why did she leave without warning?
As I was being raped, his friend was kicking me in the stomach making sure to leave huge bruises on my sides and torso he kicked so much I threw up blood. Soon enough he got out a knife from his back pocket and slit the side of my cheek. I could feel the warm blood rush down my chin as it got closer to my shirt and dripped on until my stepfather was done with me...just like that... I was a rag doll. He played with my hair, touched my chest, and touched me inappropriately. This was all I could do...cry, until I fell asleep. My heart beat started to slow down and my breathing was slimmed as if I were dead...I could still hear their voices as they carried me to their truck and threw me in the back, it was a long drive but I couldn't open my eyes. Soon after fifteen minutes or so they picked my body up, disposed of me somewhere cold and hard. I made my eyes open. I strained them until I could see a framing of wood ... with signs everywhere but I couldn't make out what they said…
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