Hey!!!! Just wanted to say that uhm I LOVE YOUS!!!!! So yah... I'm 15, love everyone, I'm obsessed with youtube (but who isn't?), I like all types of music, fave color is purple and See More▼
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First day of school
I felt as alone as I have been for the past 5 years of my life. My mother left my little brother and I exactly five years ago, I know because she left on my birthday. My mother and stepfather had gotten into a humongous fight on my thirteenth birthday. My little brother Jason was only nine at the time, his birthday is one month after mine, all I remember at that time was my stepfather had beat my mother for the third time in one day. He beat her at least once every day. This was completely co...
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Cameron lives in an abusive home but has always managed to live but one mistake and she might not get to see her family, friends, and her love.
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