The minecraft story

The minecraft story

Join Steve in his minecraft adventure on a boat. Part 2 coming soon. Hope you like it!

published on December 28, 201236 reads 22 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Steve sets sail!

Poof! Steve had just spawn into a new minecraft world. The sun was just rising. The first day of minecraft had begun. Steve had spawned in a jungle. "Sniff! Sniff! " sniffed Steve " I bet there is chickens behind those trees.....cos I gotta get food ". He punched the leaves of the trees. There were only ocelots. Steve looked to his left. There were only more leaves. But Steve could see a long jungle river through the gaps between the leaves. The river seemed to turn into an ocean. Steve punched through the leaves making a pathway that lead to the river. Steve jumped into the river. He saw a swamp island in the distance with TONES of cows and sheep on it. " Yum yum! I shell travel to that island" said Steve. He decided he may aswell make a boat if he wanted to be there before sunset, so he hopped out of the river and ran back into the jungle. He chopped some wood. He turned them into planks then made a crafting table. He then used his other planks of wood to make a wooden boat on the crafting table. Finally he broke the crafting table and put it in his inventory, then placed the boat on the river and said " It's time to set sail!".
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Comments (1)

Love this story reminds me of when i was a noob!
on April 15, 2013