Not So Human

Not So Human

Heaven Ross used to be a normal person. That was until the "accident". Now not only is she in danger but also those she holds close.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

I used to be human. Before the accident, the attack, whatever the hell they call it to this day. I’m still hoping to find the guy who did it. I remember the night like it was yesterday…
        Walking home, in the rain, was the worst possible idea my father could possibly come up with. I hate him. I hate the rain. Hell I hate everything in this stupid screwed up world. I hear some weird breathing as I walk by an alley. I barely glance in there and I’m attacked. The whole neighborhood hears my screams that night as he carves the mark into my back. I feel something falling softly on my back. I reach around and grab it. It’s a feather. Oh my god it’s a feather! Why the hell do I have feathers on my back? Then it hits me. I have wings. I have freaking wings. The wings disappear as I finally hear the sirens screaming and I notice the pool of blood that has accumulated around me.

1 week later
        Well now the whole town knows that the governor’s daughter, his precious little girl, was attacked while walking home from work. Nobody knows about my wings. Or the rune that now covers my back. I wear totally black shirts now. The white ones show the marks, which have taken a black tone to them, through it so I can’t wear anything else. My hair had to be cut because for some “reason” the doctors couldn’t get the blood out…but anyways I now have short choppy blond hair. My so called friends ditched me as soon as I got back to school. Oh well I don’t need them anyways.
        When I get to class everybody looks up. I see the friends that said they loved me no matter what. I smile and sit down by them. They look so worried. I look away towards the teacher who is addressing the whole class.
        “Well since Miss Ross has decided to join us we can continue our discussion on our beliefs in mythical things.” My teacher says loudly.
        I sit next to my friends and smile sweetly. I look up and notice that we are talking about the idea of angels today. I bite my lip nervously hoping that the teacher doesn’t call on me. I still don’t understand my wings or what could happen if they appear. I hope nothing horrible happens. I’d hate for my friends to think I’m a freak. I sit nervously and look down at my note book. I’ve decided that maybe avoiding eye contact would be best.
        Then I hear the dreaded words “Miss Ross, would you like to tell us what you believe in when it comes to angels?”
        I take a deep breath and hope that my wings don’t show, “Well”, I begin, “they are real, because without angels or anything like them how would those who survive things they shouldn't.” I feel my cheeks beginning to burn and I blush slightly hoping that he is fine with that answer.
        But much to my dismay he wasn't. I realized this when he said, “Now Miss Ross we in this class are protected by our oath at the beginning of the year. Why don’t you tell us, or show if possible, what an angel looks like?”
        I freeze as he says that. What does he mean by show? I can’t show them my wings. I’m not an angel. I can’t be. There is no possible way those marks really mean I’m an angel. Can they? If I am to get any answers this class would probably be the best way to get them. I stand up and walk up to the front of the class. I ask my teacher to touch my shoulders lightly. When he does my wings start to push their way out of my back and I hear a whoosh. I look around at the amazed faces of my class mates. I look down and notice I am in a dress. So this is what an angel looks like?
        I then see the disgusted faces of my friends. I feel my heart break and I look away. Tears start streaming down my face. Then I remember the reason I took this stupid class. My so called friends told me we would all be together no matter what.
        I turn and start walking towards the door and I hear my teacher ask “Heaven where are you going?”
        I look back at him and say “I’m quitting this stupid class. That is where I am going”
        I hear the gasps of people behind me. I look into the mirror and see the electric blue eyes that had replaced my crystal blue eyes. I sigh and close my eyes knowing that my wings will go away and my eyes will go back to normal. I look around at the amazed faces and shoot hateful looks towards my supposed friends. After I do that I say “I’m sorry but I can’t stay in a class where I’m hated. I’m so sorry. I revoke the oath and will not say anything about what goes on in here.” With that said I turn and leave.
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When do we get more? :3
on January 02, 2017
maybe make it longer?
on April 22, 2016
I LOVE that i am sad that this is done i am crying
on April 22, 2016
Whats the oath i don't get it?
on October 23, 2014