Killers Way In

Killers Way In

One who is lost, finds that her trail is being followed with mystery and misery, an ambition to find the truth she is torn between different worlds of her own memories as she tries to depict which is real and what is her twisted minds plot. her best friend Corrain tries to help as everyone else does but all she ever wants to do is protect Corrain, but how can she do that when she cant tell what time it is?

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Chapter 1.

The Party

a where time it begins
        not with a breath
        but the beat that flows through
        can you hear it?
        the blood that runs ist course
        of course not
        for you are only human
        but some can hear it though
        and those ones
        are the insane
        the music was blaring, it was different, a change of pace, such a wonderful feeling. i looked all around me and i took a drink off of a platter from a waiter walking by, taking a sip i pouted, just strait up beer in a fancy cup. i ended up tossing it away or rather just placing it down next to other cups of beer that was half filled with intoxication's and such. i turned away and i saw one of my friends who was making there way to my group of friends, she was having problems where as she was small, frail, a real weakling. I'm not saying so to be spiteful but just being plain out truth, that's why i was always by her side, only i got separated from her in this party, but now that i actually found her.
        Wham! she nearly ran into a bulking guy, he looked back glaring, only, she didn't run into him, more like him slamming in to my fist
        "what the F**k b*tch!?" he growled, looking furious
        i placed a hand to my hip and flipped my hair behind me, "you should look where you're going" i quoted staring at him with emotionless eyes
        "you were the one who hit me!?" he complies
        "yes but you were about to hit my friend here, now if i were you i would watch my back, otherwise I'd most likely get your @ss kicked"
        he was just about to throw his fist when a figure walks in front of me, black coat, and a smug little face, Shane
        he was holding the guys fist in his one hand, and the other to his throat "now you wouldn't want to hurt the little missis if i were you now do we?" he asks
        the guy looks at us then at the man before huffs "what the f**k ever" he huffs away
        "never asked for help" i stated turning away
        "but i gave it didn't I?" he smiles at me,
        that smug face, such a-
        "thank you very much Shane" my friend states while bowing
        "don't do that Corraine" i stated placing a hand on her shoulder "he's just trying to get at you" i stated turning away
        "only you love" he states back
        i moved away while dragging Corraine away, "i swear that guy" i growled
        "he's not all that bad" she states while standing up straight now that i actually stopped dragging her,
        i sighed heavily and sat back onto a couch that was conveniently next to the wall. "yeah that's what he wants you to think, he may be a friend at times but he's also a stalker"
        Corrain pouts and i felt bad a bit, i then shook my head "we'll discuss this later. for now you have to go dance, this is your first rave party" i stated smirking, and possibly your last, i bit my tongue hard when that came to mind, f**k, just keep on pace "and if your lucky you might even hook up with a boyfriend" i say smiling
        she blushes vigorously "wait! i-um i cant just-" in the corner of my eye i saw Corrains secret crush making his way towards her, she got lucky i guess that goody two shoes is here, shut the f**k up! anyways i got up and spun Corrain, she yelped out in surprise and i only grinned before stopping her, placing hands over her eyes
        "no buts about it Cor, you have to at least dance with one boy, and here's your chance," i then pushed her and she fell right into her crushes arms
        "oh I'm so sorry!" she exclaims while looking up, "uh... Ben!?" she squeaked
        "ah, it was a good thing i was here, otherwise that would've been a nasty fall" he then sees me and i gave him a silent glare, harm her and you die.
        i soon slinked away into the crowed as i left them be, besides the only problem they'll have to face is getting enough courage to look at each other in the eye. something was coming, i could feel it dwell in me, becoming more vibrant than the darkness it once was. i shook my head and headed towards the nearest bathroom. i held my head as i opened the door, i was thankful that it was empty and not full of f**king drunks slobbering over each other. the pain came once more, a scream was what it felt on high pitch making it scar my head as i felt as if it was still there. my heart sped up and i was panting now, f**k, i gripped my heart and thought of things, my life, the way it was, the way it is now, and how it might be, just hang on!
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