Jeff's best friend

Jeff's best friend

This story is about Jeff's best friend! Her name is clove (named after the girl from the hunger games.) she is that 1 perfect girl in her class, until she meets Jeff...and its Best friends at first sight.

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Chapter 1.

The Trap

One day, Clove was walking to school. She is the best behaved kid in the whole class. Then 3 boys attacked her from behind. Clove is very good at setting traps, and always takes a trap in her bookbag to practice at lunch. But she felt around for a bear trap in her sweater, and saw that a boy had picked it up. "He he... my names Louis, this is Barry and Larry." Louis said. He picked up Clove by the collar. Clove looked at him with her big blue eyes and her slightly freckled face and he let go. as Clove pretended to gasp for air, she turned around and rummaged through her book bag, to find her bear traps. 3 bear traps. She pinched Louis' foot and as he lifted it up, she stuck the bear trap under. Louis screamed and as the other boys looked over, Clove threw the bear traps in their faces. Then she got up, and ran as fast as she could. She could hear Louis yelling at the boys: "GET UP! GET UP! GO GET HER!" She sprinted to the school, wrenched open the doors and stampeded in to her class. It was not started, so everyone was chatting. "hi, Clove!" said Clove's best friend, Elise. "hi Elise." panted clove. "Why are you panting?" Elise asked. "did you attack people?" Elise asked. It was weird how Elise could read clove's mind. "Shut up" Clove said turning away. Elise hit clove. Again. This time it was hard. Clove turned around in her seat and smacked her over the head. Elise started to cry but this time got up from her seat and punched clove in the jaw. Then clove jumped up and punched Elise in the gut. Soon enough they were all out trying to harm each other, with the whole class chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight Fight!" BAM!! Elise tipped a table on top of clove. WHACK!!! Clove smacked Elise in the head with a chair. Clove fell when after she did that, Elise whooped a chair over clove. Then they both lay unconscious on the floor.
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