I was always an average seventeen year old girl and everything was completely normal... Now my life's upside down, I have these weird powers, almost all of my friend's are insane, and these two psychopath's are running around murdering everyone.... Welcome to my life...

published on November 26, 20137 reads 5 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1- Pilot

There's not much you need to know about me yet... just that im a seventeen year old girl, im adopted and I have no idea who my parents are....yet...

As I dashed down the hallway I thought to myself "Another boring day..." boy,was I wrong....

I walked into my first period class, (which was history) set my backpack down and took my seat next to my best friend shinyuu. (Im using japanese names deal with it...) Unfortunately it was next to my worst enemy Teki.
We both gave each other a angry glance then looked back to the teacher. I wasn't really listening I was sketching a picture in my notebook, but she didn't seem to notice. Once in a while I would take notes if I thought something was interesting.

After about twenty minutes there came an loud knock at the door, then an angry shout, an explosion, and finally a scream. We all stared at the door for about a minute. Without warning a hole exploded in the door and a head popped out. "HERE'S JOHNNY!!!" The whole class screamed in terror as the pink haired girl pulled her head out and opened the door. We were even more terrorfied to see three more girls behind her. The first was a girl dressed in a black robe with purple hair, the second was a girl wearing a white dress with green hair, the final was a black haired girl dressed in black with a staff-like weapon in her hand. The Pink haired girl was wearing a green t-shirt with orange shorts.

We all stared at the four girls with both terror and shock. The girl with the staff commented "That's how you open a door Yujin...?" her voice and face showed no emotion. The pink haired girl who must of been Yujin grinned, "Yup! how I normally do it!" she said happily. "Please never do that again." the purple haired girl remarked.

We all just stared.

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Comments (2)

I have not seen fairytail (I do want to see it though) and I have not read fruit basket. (it sounds cool though so I might look into it if I have time.)
on November 27, 2013
It sounds cool, please write more! I love how you use Japaneses names! Do you watch Fairytail? oh and have you read Fruits Basket? not the anime... the manga
on November 26, 2013