Im not on too much and I kinda just started.... hopefully I will not suck at making quizzes! Oh yeah About me...
Im random!
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Chapter 2- Sumato P.o.v
I honestly don't know how we wound up here.... I just woke up and found a letter telling me to find a girl ... It's quite odd anyway...

I awoke face down on grass. I instantly realized something was wrong. I hopped to my feet and looked around, until I saw a pink haired girl with her face stuck in the dirt. I plucked her out of the floor and she fell on her face. I stared at her unsure whether to wake her up or leave her, but at that moment she sprung to her feet grinning. I nearly jumped ...
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I was always an average seventeen year old girl and everything was completely normal... Now my life's upside down, I have these weird powers, almost all of my friend's are insane, and these two psychopath's are running around m...
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What fan-made anime character are you? (GIRLS)
My first quiz turned out pretty good so I made another :3 The character's are all made by meeee!! ... Oh yeah I did their picture's off the internet though.... I might make a boy version...
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What mythical creature are you? (4)
My first quiz! :D I might suck so don't' hate me if I do... The results include vampire, demon, werewolf, fairy.elf, and dragon.
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