Stranger in my Mirror

Stranger in my Mirror

a simple poem reflecting on my past in which case was a tragic events unfolded afterward, i'm choosing to show everyone now, i dont know if you like but oh well :p this poem is weird

published on November 25, 201323 reads 13 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.
Stranger in my Mirror

Stranger in my Mirror

A stranger in my Mirror

You’re not a stranger
No, I am yours.
With crippled anger
And tears that still drip sore.
A wipe away and you calm
Only to fear as I smile
I laughed while you screamed.
A fragile frame aged with misery,
And when our eyes meet
I know you see me
While you are lost, never to be seen
I will be here, to control
What I deem
I took control while you cried.
You didn't seem to care then
When will you see
That you are me
I grinned as you recoil
Disgust is what you may feel
And to you, I am oil
You are water
I only laughed at this
I don’t want to be afraid
I don’t want to die inside,
Just to breathe in.
I’m tired of feeling so numb.
Relief exists,
I find it
When we are-

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Comments (3)

RainbowDashMage, which one? they all mostly pertain to myself, yeah the asylum thought I was a real nut case but I don't care, i'm just like that!
on January 07, 2014
Cool, but is that about a creepy person following you? Did that really happen to you?
on January 06, 2014
i'd like to hear what you have to say!
otherwise i might steal your cookie!!
or am i?
on December 10, 2013