the moon decides

the moon decides

this is a tale of a girl named kiara she gets cursed by a witch and turns into a cat every night

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Chapter 2.

Ch. 2 Party! and a Curse!

  The bell rang and i bounded out the doors. I sat at the curb texting until they finally came. "Hey kiara ready to go" "ya". We got into a car and drove off, we pulled up to a liqueur store."why are we stopping her?"  "well we do need to get beer for the party" britney replied. "but were under aged!" "thats not what my Id says" britney said as she pulled out her fake Id. we walked in the store and looked around, I couldnt believe she was doing this, as i wandered off into space i accidentally bumped into an old woman. "watch it" i said irritated. "you should be kinder to the elderly young miss" the old women scolded "ya watever" i started walking away. the old women started murmuring weird non english words, oh it was probably nothing.  I got back to the car, the trunk was loaded with alcahol, i couldnt imagine what type of exsplosion could happen if we would crash. in the car I watched there movements and what they did to pass the hour of driving, most of the time they were texting boys and taking selfies to post on instagram.  by the time we got to the party spot already a dozen or so people had been there, it was dawn and they were starting to light the bonfire. Music began to start it got louder and louder and more people came. I danced with my group, i could tell most of them were drunk and totally crazy Britney even made out with five random guys i dont know she might have even had sex with them.  I grabbed a few beers and began to drink i could feel myself starting to loose my free will and my party mind taking over.  A guy came over to me and started flirting, his name was Tyler he was one of the jocks, He was drunk but so was I. I felt adventerous and started flirting back, he was cute and strong. We danced to the loud booming music, I broke off of the crowd and headed to the woods knowing He would follow.
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