the moon decides

the moon decides

this is a tale of a girl named kiara she gets cursed by a witch and turns into a cat every night

published on November 25, 201314 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Ch. 1 First day

Ch. 1 First day

  Today is my first day attending a new school, im going into my third year of highschool.  I need to be in the popular group so i have to look popular. I slipped on a miniskirt and a crop top and i pushed my feet into a pair of wedged sandals. I sat at my mirror for an hour doing my makeup and brushing my hair, i couldnt wait for school i just new i would be popular. I ran down the stairs and out the door "by mom" i shouted. "by, what are you wearing" my mom had said.  the school was just around the corner i was ready to make my entrance. I walked around the corner to see the school, I had the exspression on my face that said that i didnt care what people thought about me and that everything was about me like most popular people.  The popular girls noticed me almost immediately. three girls walked up to me, one brunette and the other two blonde, each tall and perfect. "Hi, my names Britney" the Brunette girl said. "im kourtney!" "and im Kendal" the two blonde girls said."hi my name is kiara" i replied.  the three girls eyed me but i could'nt tell if it was jealousy or a new friendship. "ya know what do yo want to hang out with us after school, theres this killer beginning of school party in the woods" britney said. "sure ill come" i replied. the school day passed by quick, i actually felt smart everything was review!
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