to death do we part- chapter 3~ i do love you!

to death do we part- chapter 3~ i do love you!

well tyler, has been kind to katy, smiled at her, kissed, her,now given her a gift,and a....poem? but will that be enogh to steal her broken heart?

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to death do we part ~i do love you!

( 2 months later) katy was at the mall with amy, she loved xmas shoping!!! she looked in the jewlerly store window to the left of were she was walking. she froze in her tracks! there was the most beautify necklace she had ever seen! it was a sliver heart the size of a nickel. with bits of a glod "lace" wraping aroud it. she looked at the price.......frown...250.17.. katy didnt have that kinda money! amy came over 2 see what katy was looking at "wow!! katy! thats beautiyful!!" go get something to eat! im like dieing of hunger!!" " katy knew why amy rushed her.(3 hr. later) katy opened the door to her room, she was soooo tired!! she put her bags bythe closet and went to lay on her bed. but the problem was there was stuff on her bed that she didnt put there!! "holy-- what is this stuff!" there was a piece of paper with writing on itt and a small boxs, and a buch of roses tied together with a white bow. she opened the box........she was speechless!!! it was the necklace that she had seen at the mall!! she quickly grabed the paper and read it....
MY dearest katy,
the stars twinkel, and look down
to see my tears fall to the ground.
im broken, and torn to pieces!
but still my love for you never ceases.
you try so hard to push me away,
but you need to know that im here to aways stay.
as i walk through the snow white,
i try to smile at the the moon light.
but my tears are to heavy,
why, o why cant you love me!!?
my tear are so heavy the weigh my smile down,
and im forced, against my will, to frown.
i love so many, in love with so few,
but still my only TRUE love is you.
katy started crying. "i do love you tyler." she whispered..."i do love you tyler!" she said louder "I DO-" no she want to scream it to the whole world! but for some weird reason it felt so right! katy cruled up in her bed and cryed herself to sleep.
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Comments (2)

maaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeee!!! lol!! im hopeing 2 write the book and get it really published, and ull have 2 buy 2 find out what happens next!!! lol!!!
on December 24, 2012
Is there gona be any more? please say there is I love it!
on December 23, 2012