Light in the Pearl of the Night

Light in the Pearl of the Night

Night, one of L's best successors has a plot, one that changes fate and the outcome of the death note, the story of justice, love, betrayal, and shattering reveals, with Night on the case with her sister, what'll happen, and who truly was the first to have the Death note?

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1, Wammy's

Chapter One
        The time of seconds ticked by, the sounds seem silent, distant maybe but right there in your ear. I counted to the last second as the class finally ended and the sounds became more distinct and louder as children picked up their schoolwork.
        “Now study for tomorrow, we’re going to have a test, and Matt keep the electronics out of the class room, same goes for you too, Near and Mello no toys or chocolate. Night keep up the good work but don’t expect me to praise you just because your top of the list” the teacher Mr. Blight said sternly
        I picked up my belonging, which only consisted of a notebook and a pencil and turn towards him
        “Do I ever expected that from you sensei?” I state in a monotonous voice
        He nods towards me and I walk out heading towards my usual spot when someone calls out to me.
        “Hey Night! Where you off to?” Mello asks
        I turned towards the boy carelessly, he wore a black leather vest with tight black skinny jeans, his blonde hair and blue eyes and soft face gave him the features of a girl but never tell him that or he’ll get overemotional and explode with anger, trust me it is quite annoying
        “The usual Mello what else?” I stated plainly
        He grins “Right, you always pick up your sister” he states with a mocking tone and I gave him a silent glare “okay, okay I get it, don’t mess with her” he says innocently while raising his hands to show a sign of friendship
        I turned away slightly and began to walk down the hall with Mello following “so you know-it-all what did you get on the test this time?” he asks me carelessly though I could sense his eagerness in his tone
        “What do you expect Mello, it’s always the same I got a hundred percent where as you fall right behind Near with a ninety-eight percent” I state trying to suppress a smirk
        He growls at me “whatever, someday I’m going to surpass you and take the title of L right from underneath you” he proclaims
        I rolled my eyes “yeah but you have to get L’s approval first but that is unlikely where as you need to control you emotions as they get in your way and it seems that you allow them to cloud your judgment.” I stated matter-of-factly
        “Well-“but before he could finish I spot Light waiting
        “Hey Light” I called out to her
        Her head shoots right up and she smiles warmly at me “Hey Night!” she exclaims her face brightens as she smiles, her sapphire eyes shining brightly in the fluorescent lighting of the hallway, she lifts her hand up slightly brushing away her pitch black hair that fell on her eyes making them even more visible. She wore a white V-neck shirt with striped sleeves and light blue jeans, like me she wore no shoes where as I wore the opposite color close as with a black V-neck shirt with striped sleeves and dark blue jeans. Her eyes looked over at Mello then flicker back towards me.
        Unlike my eyes which were dark grey granting the alias of Night and Light for me and my sister, it was her idea and she thought it was cute I simply agreed to it because it’ll make her happy, and I have to admit I actually did like it.
        “Oh can we pick up Matt? He keeps on going in to his room he keeps on saying that he doesn’t like outside but that doesn’t mean he can use that as an excuse to not exercise I mean come on he keeps his green goggled eyes on his games, he’s rotting his brains away!” she asks as if in a pleading way
        I nodded “alright come on I think he went to one of the studies” I said while turning away
        She smiles brightly and follows along. On the way to one of the main studies we began to talk about today’s criminal activity, it seems to rise incredibly quickly.
        I growled deep in my throat “I can’t believe it!” I said with a bit of venom “this world is rotting, criminal activity is rising with the point of 65.4% sooner or later everyone is going to either cower in their own homes, blindly following under the criminals influence with fear, or becoming an actual criminal! Something needs to happen” I said hastily
        “But we have L” Mello states “he solves cases that seem almost impossible to solve, he’ll eventually catch them and send them to where they belong”
        “Where they belong is hell,” I stated
        “Isn’t that going too far?” Light asks
        I shook my head “no, what’s going too far is that some psychotic is going around raping those who are easy victims then goes on torturing them without any feeling but pleasure at them squirming in their grasp” I said feeling more anger well up
        I then shuttered as a memory flashes through my mind and I quickly casted it to the side as Light places a calm hand on my shoulder “I’m fine” I stated calmly
        She nods though I could see the doubt in her eyes “now come on, there’s the study I’m sure that Matt’s in there, either that or he’s in his room which I doubt with the way he is he probably chose the closest place to play his games” I stated sighing as I opened the door to see Matt playing his DS in the corner of the room.
        Light jumps up from behind me “hey Matty!” he exclaims
        “Hey Light, Night, Mells” Matt greets without looking up from his screen
        I studied the figure before me carefully, a boy the age of sixteen wearing a red and black stripped shirt with a white vest over it along with blue baggy jeans, hiding his green eyes are orange tinted goggles that he wears over his red hair, and of course in his hands he held his DS entranced in the simple game of Kingdom Hearts, judging by the sounds that elevated from it. But I couldn’t help but looking above his head, the inescapable words and numbers that scrawled his true name and the day he dies, Mail Jeevas.
        “Come on Matt your coming with us” Light said smiling sweetly
        “Not going to happen” he deadpanned voice argues back
        Light pouts “you are and will be going with us” she states grabbing his arm and yanking him up which surprised him “you’ve been cooped up in here for so long playing those mindless games you seem almost like a zombie searching for brains endlessly” Light scolds
        “Oh speaking of zombies I just beat the latest Resident Evil game I need to check up on Flask to see if she got any other ones like that” he states trying to fight back and slowly edge towards the door
        “Quit changing the subject!” Light shouts, “Now come on we’re going to the usual spot” she states dragging him
        “Come on guys you know I don’t like outside, help me from your crazy sister Night” Matt pleas thought they were in vain
        “Come on Matt you’re going to rot your brains out with all this senseless games, number four on the list of possible L’s possible successors you can’t be inside all the time, besides outside isn’t going to kill you in fact it’ll help out your condition” I stated matter-of-factly
        “But L does that all the time!” he complains
        “Actually he travels around the world and eventually does venture out in to the world only he is kept that in the dead of night of early before the others, I swear he never sleeps, but anyways even he goes out once in a while and so do you” I say grabbing his other arm and began to help Light carry him out of there.
        “Aw come on! Mello help me out!” he calls out
        Mello shrugs helplessly “sorry Matt, it’s out of my hands” he says apathetically
        Light then wraps her arms around Matt with a bright smile “hey Matt it can’t be that all bad, I mean I’m going to be there right?” she says smiling warmly once more
        Matt tried to suppress a smirk but he couldn’t help but let a smile slip, he then grabbed Lights chin lightly in to his right hand while his left pressed the pause button of his game, pulling her closer their lips brush each other’s and a smile crosses over each of them, I looked away rather feeling uncomfortable at the moment.
        “Get a room” Mello coughed in to his hands joking with Matt
        “As a matter of fact we are in a room, so do please be kind as to leave if you don’t like what you see” Matt says smirking
        Mello rolls his eyes and I grabbed Light by the wrist “come on Matt, just because you can distract my sister with your all so lovely ‘angel kisses’ she keeps talking about doesn’t mean that you can keep me from going outside with her” I state leading them out the door
        As soon as I said that Lights face lit up red with sheer embarrassment “Night!”
        I smirked “what? I cannot lie” I say innocently
        We all laughed as we all know that was a lie where as the successor of L needs to know the first basses of lying, ‘make the lie so real even you may believe so, and once you do separate yourself from reality and the world of the non, only you can twist the words that can change your own fate’. Those were the words of L, words and lessons that taught me so well and always looked in to for a deeper meaning, everything does when it comes to L, nothing is as it seems with him, but the weird thing is, no one has ever seen him before.

        “Hey, have you heard about the killings that were happening around London?” Mello asks curious
        I sighed “of course,” I stated simply “I’m helping out in the case, L himself persisted” I say triumphantly
        Light shivered “you mean that guy who mutilated young women before cutting their heads off” she asks, fear flashing in her eyes
        “Yep” Mello stated simply “Jake Rithper, he also takes the bodies and sets them up for display after he dresses them up as hookers, a copy of Jack the ripper I propose” I nodded  
        I then growled deep in to my throat “the rotten scum is going to pay for his deeds so don’t worry Light I’m going to catch him before anyone else will become his victim” I vowed
        She nods “I know you will Night, you usually do” she says smiling weakly
        Then it fell to silence before we began to talk about the petty cases that we were placed on, like bank robberies, drug smuggling, and other small things like that.
        I sighed lovingly as I leaned my back against the tree trunk as I sat up high in a branch in the tree of Wammy’s, the reason it was called that was because it was the oldest living tree in the whole vicinity and Wammy himself is rather old so we put the two together, in fact it was A, the other successor of L, who came up with it. I looked up in to the sky to see it was a deep blue but I saw clouds, dark and heavy with the new rain ready to pour lay spreading across the land. I didn’t mind it at all, I estimated that the rain will fall in proximately fifteen minutes, if not sooner. The tree’s huge branches spread over us if the rain so happened to pour sooner than expected so the branches could shield us from most of the rain. The leaves were heavy green as spring was coming to the end, the leaves were all scattered around us as if a blanket shielding us from the world ahead of us.
        I closed my eyes for a moment listening to the sounds of the forest whisper amongst themselves as we were here once more, a place that I truly call the safest place in the world, some were where no one could know of and to destroy it. But all of the sudden I felt something land right on to my face, I got up abruptly feeling the small pain on my nose, as the impact surprised me I yelped in shock.
        When my senses snapped back to me I saw quickly that it was just a note book, I looked up to shout at whoever through it or dropped at me only to see that no one was around, I looked from side to side to see that no one else was there. Now curious I looked at the notebook that fell on me, it was black and had nothing on it besides the word “Death Note” was etched in it. Curious I opened the book when I jumped when I heard someone call my name
        “Hey Night, alright up there? I thought I heard you shout?” Mello asks curious as well
        I looked down and put on a mask, smiling slightly “sorry, but a bug bit me, it’s nothing” I stated calmly
        “Well… okay” he said but I could hear the doubt in his voice only I pushed it to the side
        I looked back down at the mysterious notebook and opened it; I quickly skimmed through the pages to see that it was completely blank. I then went to the first page when I notice there was more writing behind the cover. Looking it over one thing both shocked me and mocked me in that moment.
        ‘The human’s name who’s written down in this notebook shall die’ it stated         
        I blinked impassively as I reread the words that were scribbled on the book. I then looked around to see any signs of anyone else that might be playing a prank on me, but alas I saw no one. I shifted myself on the branch to get a better look at the mysterious notebook only to feel a sharp pain on my finger; I winced and looked at it to see that a small sharp branch stabbed me on my finger tip, I watched as the red liquid oozed out of my wound, I was about to wipe it away when I heard a scream. A scream that sounded all too familiar, no one’s but Lights!
        I quickly looked down to see someone over Light as she was sprawled out on to the ground. He wore a dark top hat and a big heavy coat around himself, immediately I knew who it was, it was none other than Jake Rithper, the wannabe Jack the Ripper, and he had his eyes set on one target, the one target that was too far out of my clutches to save.
        Panic welled up in me, my sister was in danger and all three of us, Matt, Mello and I are all in the tree away from her.
        “Light!” I called out to her
        “Let her go!” Matt snarled
        “You Bastard!” Mello shouts
        I was too high, she’s out of my reach, it’s all my fault, she’s going to fall just like mother and father did, and I have no one to blame but myself… But wait, I have something that could prevent this, a tool that will save her, something that was granted to me. Before I could do anything else I heard Light scream, a blood-curdling scream that cut through me like steal hot knives.
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