A Wolf and a Firefly

Two new recruits join the tenth division. It's quite clear that they are an odd pair of friends. A spicy bacon-lover and a lightning-obsessed glutton. They're going to fight and have fun. Their characters will grow and a lot will happen. But their friendship is never going to fade.

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A Wolf and a Firefly

Chapter 1, welcome at division 10!

Note: this is an fanfic of the anime: Bleach. I'm making this story together with my best friend (you can decribe her as Igita) she mostly does the writing. We came up with some crazy ideas. this is probably going to be a long story, also it's my (our) first. so feel free to give tips, tops, advice ya know :)

Autumn, it marks the end of the summer, Rainy weather, hard wind and lot's of work to do for the officers of the Seireitei. Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya of the Tenth Division was in his office, working on his annual division report. He rather enjoyed all the paperwork, working hard was his style, though he wished his Lieutenant would do a little more work. She usually managed to get away from her work.
He was about to finish the fourth page, when his Lieutenant barged in. "Captain! I have the files of the new recruits!" Cheerfully she held the papers. "Put them aside Matsumoto... There is a lot of work do, especially for you." He signed the page, moving on to the next one. Matsumoto pouted. "Come one Captain. There are two people, who have mastered their Shikai!" Captain Hitsugaya sighed. "Rangiku, I'll read them later tonight. Now could you please get to work?"
She gave in, leaving the files on the corner of his desk and went to work for herself. The paperwork had always bored her, she usually got away with it. Her captain would make it in those cases, but now she would have to feel guilty. There was already a lot of work to do.
In the end Captain Hitsugaya never read the files. After a while they ended up in his archive.
A few weeks later, somewhere in a dorm room of the Spiritual Arts Academy. "Come on Igita get out of bed! We're gonna go to the division!" A fiery redheaded, short haired, girl, shook her friend,Igita. "Yuki... It's so early... let me sleep..." The other girl, with long black hair, pushed Yuki away and turned around in her bed. "But Igita... aren't you excited?" Yuki sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at Igita, smiling. "I am... Also I'm awake, so I'll get out of bed.' A few minutes later she was fully dressed.
"So the bags are packed... We have everything we need... Alright we're ready Yuki." Igita had checked everything and was satisfied with it. "We just only need to eat breakfast. After that we can leave." She looked at Yuki who was waiting at the door. Yuki looked slightly impatient. "Yeah! I think I'm going to take bacon and then we should just go!" Igita smiled. "Yeah I can eat a whole breakfast in that amount of time... Lets go." The two girls laughed as they left.
The nice morning sun was shining on the rooftops, as Yuki and Igita running through the streets of the Seireitei. They easily stopped in front of the gate of the tenth division. "I won I was first!" Igita grinned about her victory. "Not fair... You used your Shikai" Yuki pushed Igita, who in return pushed her back. They kept pushing each other for awhile, until they were both laughing.
"Hello, you must be a few of the new recruits." Yuki and Igita stopped laughing and turned to the voice. Yuki looked at him weirdly and leaned a bit to Igita. "Igita who is that guy? His hair is white..." It wasn't exactly a whisper, so Captain Hitsugaya heard it and gave her a strange look. Igita smiled reassuring at Yuki. "He is Captain Hitsugaya. He's the new alpha." Yuki nodded and made a step towards the Captain, taking a sniff of his scent. "Wh-what are you doing?" Igita grinned slightly. "That's her way of... accepting you, Captain. At least I believe so." Yuki nodded, confirming Igita.
She stepped back again. Captain Hitsugaya sighed. "You're the ones with the Shikai aren't you? What are your names again?" Both girls nodded flashing him a smile. "My name is Igita On'nako and my friend is Yuki Fugita." Before Igita could continue Yuki interrupted her. "I don't like my last name..." She giggled a bit before scratching her ear. "Oh eh... My Zanpaktou's name is Hotaru and Yuki's Zanpaktou is called Okami." Captain Hitsugaya nodded in response to the introduction. "Well as you said earlier, I'm Captain Hitsugaya and I will be your Captain. Now if you two will come with me, then I'll give you your schedules and the directions to your room. Also you will have to fill in a bit of paperwork, but for the rest of this day you can go explore the division a bit" Again they both nodded, grabbing there bags and followed the Captain to his office.
There, Yuki and Igita got placed in the same room so they were roommates, they weren't in the same squad so their schedules are different, but they would still have plenty of time together. Captain Hitsugaya smiled. He started to liked the two of them. "Now the only thing you two will have to do now is: Fill in this paperwork and then return it to me. It won't take so much time, but I will expect it back mid-afternoon." Both girls got a few papers and were then excused from the office. They went to their rooms.
"Wow, Igita, I can't believe we're in an actual division now. It's so awesome!" Yuki looked around, taking in her new surroundings, whilst Igita tried to find the right way to their room. After a half hour of wandering they finally ended up in front of the right door. "Well Yuki, here we are then." Igita opened the door and stepped in, followed by Yuki.
It was a medium sized room, with two beds,two desks a few cabinets and a bookcase. There was a nice big window with dark brown curtains and the walls were light brown with a black floor. Yuki dropped her bag and sat down on the middle of the floor, which was made of painted wood. "I like the room. It looks a bit natural, I think." Igita smiled and walked to a bed. "It does... I'll take this bed and of course the desk and closet closest to it. Hi hi. Or did you want this one?" Yuki shook here head before stretching. "It's sounds fine to me. Now should we go explore? I want to find out if they have bacon here."
Igita opened her bag, taking out some clothes putting them in the right place. "We should unpack first Yuki, its not that much we have with us. Also if we finish the paperwork early we'll have the whole day to have fun and all." Her friend groaned, but of the floor unpacking her bag as well. "I don't like all that writing... it takes so much time." Igita laughed and was soon joined by Yuki.
After they settled in their new room, they started on their first official paperwork. It was actually just bunch of questions and they finished it rather quickly. Igita looked over her answers, as Yuki finished. "Let's go Igita! Come on! Let's bring this to the alpha and then go outside!" Igita got up, smiling broadly. "Sounds great I could use some fresh air"
Yuki and Igita turned in their paperwork, getting praised for their quick working and spent the rest of the day in, out and around the division. In the evening they stayed in their room, talking endlessly about all the fun they would have, wondering what their new lives would be like. They did go to sleep until after midnight and slept comfortably well.
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