Josh Calmwoods story

Josh Calmwoods story

This is the story of my quiz character Josh Calmwood! Hope you enjoy it since its my first ever story!

published on August 05, 201520 reads 3 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Letter and Shopping!

As you wake up you get a letter... "What's this?" You ask. "MOM DAD!" You scream "I got my hogwarts letter!" You quickly throw on some clothes on and pet your own Cass, you run down the stairs of the giant mansion. When you are at the bottom floor your brother Lucas walks out of his room stopping you from getting to the kitchen.
"What's going on?" Lucas asks. "I got my hogwarts letter!" You respond. "Great for you then..." He yawns after the short conversation. You the run to the kitchen. "Mom i've finally fot my hogwarts letter!" You say while jumping up and down. "congratulations dear!" Your mother replies "Then later today we'll head to Diagon alley and get your supplies.". You and your mother take the Knight bus to Leaky Cauldron. Your mother gets out her wand and taps some bricks on a brick wall. The Wall opens up to a "shopping district" or as you normally say it: Diagon Alley. "I'll get your books and your uniform, and mabye some ice cream." She says to you "Oh, and you can go get your wand at Ollivanders.". You enter the shop so called Ollivanders and you see a old man. "Hello there, you must be the youngest in the Calmwood family? I always forget your name." The man asks "Oh and i forgot to introduce myself, Im the owner of this shop call me Ollivanders.". "I-Im Josh." You say.
"Now lets stop chit-chatting and get to your wand." Ollivanders says "Hmm... Mabye this one.". He tells you what its made out of and the core. "Wave it." He says when he has handed over the wand to you. You wave the wand and wand boxes goes flying.
"Definetly not!" He says "This one looks good, Unicorn hair as core and made out of birch.". He hands over the wand to you
and you wave it. A light appears around you. "Thats it!" He says "perfect!". You pay him the galleons and walk out of the shop. Your mother has fixed everything... Even a giant ice cream.
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Hope you guys enjoy his story! Next up is Tom Sickle!
on August 05, 2015