Forbidden desires with Crimson Betrayal

Forbidden desires with Crimson Betrayal

simple, i suck at these but oh well... C, no one knows her and the Death Note world had no clue as well, but she wanted it this way. That's too bad because the Death Note is calling. L knows something, wait, how do they know each other, and why is there a strange tension, things only get worse as Beyond Birthday appear on the scene.

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Chapter 1.
The Convict, The Happening

The Convict, The Happening

Beyond Birthday, a silent young man sat silently with chains around his arms and legs and also around most of his body, chaining him to the ground with a mask tied strongly around his mouth so he wouldn’t scream. he just sat looking down at his shoes with barley lingering burn marks not even noticeable on different parts of his porcelain skin. his hair remaining as messy and dark as ever, Beyond Birthday had killed many people and attempted suicide but had failed. in his attempts he tried to burn himself alive, thinking it would kill him.
        Beyond Birthday began to laugh crazily but his laugh sounded muffled due to the cloth around his pale face, an evil smile spread across his face under the cloth. filled with anger, revenge and insanity that L has placed on to him
        "i'm coming for you L! be ready!" Beyond Birthday thought to himself as he joyfully laughed once more “not only that but for that pretty blood one as well” he giggles as he imagined her “C the crimson one, HA!” after that the medics had to come in and detain him “YOU Hear me L! I’m after you!” he shouts
        About eight miles away was a man named L, L is a slouched man with dark circles around his eyes because he never sleeps. For the past month L had been working on the Kira case with the Japanese task force.
        "So you still think I’m Kira huh Ryuzaki?" Light Yagami asks angrily but tried to hide it
        "Indeed" L inquires "there is about a 76% chance of you being Kira" L states as he stuffs a candy treat inside his mouth
        "Err... what did i do that made you suspect me as Kira?" Light protests
        "Well since you asked the answer is-" L began but was cut off when Matsuda came running in to the room
        "Ryuzaki! Beyond Birthday has escaped jai-" Matsuda began but then trips over the rug on the floor, cutting off his line
        "What did you say Matsuda? Can you please say it again?" L spoke as he sat on his chair with his usual manor
        "Well um... ok" Matsuda said as he got up from the floor "well it said Beyond Birthday escaped jail, before he left he burned the jail down! It killed everyone in it!" Matsuda said rubbing his head
        L hums a moment "well this is going to be interesting" L states while nibbling his thumb "Matsuda... was there any more details in to this matter?" L asks getting up from his chair and started looking out the window
        "Well yes, it also stated that before Beyond Birthday left the asylum he tore up all files and pictures about himself just in case the fire didn’t reach them or burn them enough"
        Then the rest of the task force entered the room "Ryuzaki did you hear about Bey-" Sochiro starts but L cuts him off
        "Yes I have Yagami-san; I need to ask you all, how come all of you are making such a big deal of this but not about the other killings? But I’m not saying this isn’t a big deal but this question just crossed my mind" L asks slowly
        "Well it said that he was one of the worst killers and it was terrible for him to escape... also i forgot to mention that the Los Angeles Police department has asked you if you could help them on this case" the chief adds
        "Hmm... very well" L agrees
        "L... who is Beyond Birthday?" Light asks putting his hands in his pocket
        "Well...." L starts before a thunder clashed to the ground; this was going to be a rough lifetime...
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