Victini : a pokelove story

Victini : a pokelove story

This is the first of the series Pokelove. Victini has been waiting for that someone for what seems like for ever but when they do appear its not what it thought it would be like...

published on November 01, 201318 reads 7 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


It didn't remember much for its past, just a glimpses and emotions here and there. There was one thing though, a strange moment that was much clearer than all the others...
     A face not unlike it's own swam above him. A bright light shone and there was music, sweet, soothing sounds that floated from up above, down into it's ear and galloped around and around and calmed the scene. A gentle breeze rustle the leaves and it seemed like peace was there. It didn't notice at first but something was swallowing the green and leaving in its place a flickering orange. The face holding him turned, saw the something and made a terrible high-pitched noise then suddenly it felt weightless and there was no longer a face. It turned it's head and saw the something swallow up the face. It saw this and felt something; it felt something it hadn't felt ever before. Deep inside, it was changing.
     It hit water then everything faded to black.
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Comments (2)

btw if you find any images that would go with a chapter then comment a link and I wil try and include it
on December 14, 2013
ooooooooo interesting
on November 02, 2013