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Random Stories

This is my story dump. Whenever I feel like writing, i'll go here and post something..Most of the stories won't be finished. Unless I REALLY feel like it.

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Russia Story Thingy

Russia Story Thingy

This is somewhat like an x reader? Anyway, I am way to uncomfortable to say 'you' and put '____' and all that x reader stuff. So, I am going to make up a character, and you guys can just pretend it's you. ALSO!! THIS IS AN ALTERNETE UNIVERSE WHERE UKRAINE IS DEAD!  KTHXBAI
Her Name: Amilla Alian
Photo: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/143/5/2/com__wingraine_by_emi_liu-d66bm44.jpg

A blazing fire burned brightly in the old mansion's fire place. A warm glow casted in the large open room, as Ivan quietly sat there, sipping his cold vodka bottle. He sat, sober, and depressed in a large arm chair, one leg crossed over another. A knock was then set on his door, as a shakey Lativa walked through, pushing a silver cart that contained a coffee, and mini Kartoshka cakes on a plate. "Morning, s-sir!" The little nation said, a small smile on his lips. In his eyes though, shown fear. Russia's simply muttered a 'morning' in return. Without looking at Lativa, he simply took the coffee mug in his hand, and started to sip at it. "S-sir, maybe you should go outside? You've been cooped up in here for days!" He peeped.
Russia was silent for a few moments, than began to speak.
"да. Perhaps you're right. Leave me here for a few moments, though. I'll leave when I may." The words slipped off his tounge like silk; as Lativa then left the room.
Amilla had been taking in the Russian scenery. She certainly was a cheery, kind girl. The college student won a trip to Russia, and was just there. She worked as an amature photographer, taking pictures of places. This was a great thing for her, because Russia was a big place, and luckily,that  meant a lot of photos. The Alian had been in a tour group, looking at the country side of Russia. Unfortunatly, she had strayed away like a little lamb finding something else to do and getting away from it's herd, only to find it's unsettling demise. The brunette had been taking pictures of a beautiful lil' icicle thing, and sadly her tour group left her there. It wasn't until a couple hours had she discovered that she was left alone, in the snow. Not in a while, snow started to fall. In large clumps. Alian huffed, and looked for cover.
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Cool story
on December 17, 2013