the creepy lady behind the walls

the creepy lady behind the walls

This halloween theres a creepy lady behind the walls she calls you in the middle of the night and says....

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behind the wallpaper

Hi, i'm Bell and theres this creepy thing going on in my house... everynight when i go to bed i hear a laughing kind of noise... Its the lady! shes in my wall! well it all started when my best friend Brianna came for a sleepover my mum said sleep times at 2:am, we said okay then went back to playing hide and seek. it was my turn to hide. I ran under my bed i saw this hole in my wall. it ws big and dark inside. next thing i knew i was in it! there were cobwebs everywhere! i went till i saw some light another hole this time it was in my parents room. the tv was on making a weird noise i bent down to see it more then i felt a cold hand on my neck.I paused for a minute... the i closed my eyes and herd a spooky laugh. i turned around to see a lady standing right behind me with her hand on my neck. " Hows the view Bell?"
she said. "How do you know m name?" i asked.
she said i have been watching you through the holes in the wall. then laughed i ran for it! i got out of the hole and put a large box of my dad's tools there. Then i said Brianna? i looked around for a while then i sat down on my bed. there was a big lump on the floor so i reached down to pick it up but then the phone rang. "Hello?" i said
"Hello deery i can see you in your room." I dropped the phone then Brianna was on the couch watching tv. "I give up bell you win."  Win what? "hide and seek remember?" i didn't play hide and seek????

                                                  TO BE CONTINUED   
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on October 20, 2016
That's creepy
on December 23, 2013
on October 30, 2013