The Heist

The Heist

A veteran has spent his whole life working and when it's time to take money out of the bank, he find most of it has just disappeared which leads to him losing his family because of money. After they leave him and he find out his daughter becomes a prostitute to gain money he decides to take the problem in his own hand with some old friends...I will add a new chapter every friday.

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                The sun shines through my window and I feel my wife turn around in but twords my direction.It's apparent that she has gotten ready for work as a cashier at Burger-King(just because she hates staying still and she found a job at the kings place so she doesn't have to do nothing).Even though she gets home and smells like grease still decides to put on high priced perfume and I can smell and tell she just put it on and thats one of the things Ilove about her.
        "Hey sleepy head,if you don't wake up soon you'll be late for your boring ass behind a desk job."She says all of this with a big ol' smile on her face because i know she's playing around and sit up long enough to grab her and drag her into bed.
        "And if you stop waking up so damn early I can sleep till i'm late and then go the that boring ass job that pays the bills,food,tv,and have a little for our fun time in bed."As soon as I said that she put her little pretty finger painted with some silver sparkling nail polish.
        "Hey don't be saying things like that the kids could be listening!"In a whisper but it was still mad at me for still saying that.Then killing the silence after she said that we heard rustling around in the hallway.
        "Speak of the devils." So she chooses to get off of top of me and all I can think is don't leave!I decide to get up after seeing one of my twin sons run by the wide open door with toilet paper wraped around his torso.As i leave my room the long narrow hallway that leads into all of our rooms that live in the house.Everyone that lives in the house are my four year-old twin boys(Billy and Yuri)I mentioned before,my twelve year-old daughter Samantha(but she likes being called Sami),my beautiful wife Ashley Blake,and my mother Ashraf(meaning noble or noblest in iranian).It's a small little house in the middle of my big ass farm my family has had after the first world war.We don't only get our income from the farm we also get it from being in the Army both my wife and me.She lost her leg in the last battle of the Afghanistan war, and still am serving as a Army Special Forces Ranger-We lead theway just to mention-and i have won the Ranger of the year award multiple times.I have taken bullets for my fellow soldiers.
        "Hey,Dad.Earth to Dad!"Samantha yells right behind me to get me out of this day dream i've been having in the middle of the hallway.
        "Oh, i'm sorry am i making you late for a hot date or something!"I said all that in the most sarcastic tone in my voice i can never pull off.
        "Oh, so I can have hot dates now?"With a big ole' smirk on her face and her hand on her hip.Her trying to squeeze in the idea of her havin' a date won't end me up in prison is really funny, yet sad.It's only sad for me because it says my little girl is growing up, a little bit too fast if you ask me. But what dad isn't going to say that.Really I wanna know for I can get lessons from him.
        "So Dad can you move now?"
        "Oh yea I'm sorry pumpkin." I then take a single step back so she can squeeze through. Like I said it is a very small and skinny hallway. It's like a single car street, only one in the same space at the same time.
        "Thanks Dad, now I might be late for the bus."
        "Anything i can do to help."I know she doesn't like my sense of humor but at least I think it's funny.
        "Haha, very funny Dad."
        "I thought so."Still having that big ol' smirk on my face.She runs by twords the stairs at the end of the hall.She then turns around-with her red hair with black highlights swing around at that moment-and she has the biggest smile she has had in awhile and she put her hand up and just move her fingers to motion goodbye.
        "Love you Dad."
        "Love you too Sami."Then all I hear of her is her feet running down the stairs, twords the door, and the door open and close just like that.Then my day goes on like any other day.I get dressed after a shower,go downstairs to eat breakfast, listen to Yuri tell his joke of the day-today it was the pork chop joke-,and then give my wife a kiss goodbye for the day and leave in my red 1963 Chevy Camaro that my dad gave me. My dad wasn't the best though, he was a druggy and he didn't try to stop when I came into the world.That night before Sami came home late(which ended in a big arguement), there was a report of mass bank robberies. Then after that I watched my favorite movie "Ocean's Eleven". I just like how elaborate the ways they steal money. And how they get away with all of it scott free(some times). and then after the credits I got up went up stairs and did unspeakable things with my wife.
            My life was good, till I had to go to the bank.
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