Creepy pasta poetry~ (SLENDER MAN)

Creepy pasta poetry~ (SLENDER MAN)

these are some crappy poems more or less on your opinion but anyways enjoy!!~~!!~

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Chapter 1.
Slender was he~

Slender was he~

the man stood looking at me
    I stared back at he
  Quite slender was the man.
  No face of emotion he stood still.
A chill crawling down my spine,
  He stepped closer to me.
  Not a word he spoke, but yet i heard voices as if pleas from the man.
  His tie pale expressionless shone in the moonlight.
I stepped back hitting a twig and screaming, with no sound.
   The man called my name.
   But how?
  He brought me to a place in which i awoke to the light sun .. a man standing over me
    quite slender was he.
  I suddenly jerked out of sleep, sweat running down my  neck, was it really a dream?
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