The Exploding Cactus

The Exploding Cactus

Never keep a cactus in your house! Read on to find out why... THIS IS REAL!!

published on September 29, 201353 reads 18 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Example 1

Here's one my mother told me as breathless fact, claiming she'd "heard it on the news." I knew immediately that it had to be a urban legend, but have never heard it again...

A woman goes to buy a large cactus from a nursery, and brings it home. Later that day she notices something very odd. The cactus appears to be breathing! She calls the nursery she purchased the cactus from and says, "I know this sounds crazy, but I think my cactus is breathing."

The woman she is speaking to tells her to immediately get out of the house, and that she (the nursery woman) is going to call the bomb squad. The bomb squad comes to the house and loads the cactus into a van. Just as they get it into the van, the cactus explodes and out come thousands of scorpions!

It seems that several scorpions had laid their eggs in the cactus, and they all hatched at once.
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Comments (2)

where i live, there probably aren't any scorpions. so i'm safe unless the cactus i have was transported from a place where there ARE scorpions... euh.. so far i have kept a tiny fuzzy cactus by my window for 2 months or so and it's fine
on November 23, 2014
O.o i will NEVER NEVER NEVER get near them!!!!! this is definitely soooo scary/disgusting -_- i hate spiders
on May 07, 2014