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The Exploding Cactus
Never keep a cactus in your house! Read on to find out why... THIS IS REAL!!
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Buried Alive
This is a classic urban legend in which someone is mistaken for dead and is buried alive...
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At a wedding, the drunk attendents decide to play a trivial game of hide and seek. What happens is truly scary...
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Close Call
A woman comes close to being assaulted by a hitchhiker. Phgvfhbjnmjhngbvfggbhnjm
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The Clown Statue/Doll
I noticed many people enjoyed my post of "The Fatal Hairdo", so I decided to post all version of the well-known urban legend, "The Clown Statue", or "The Clown Doll".
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The Fatal Hairdo
A girl dies from a hairdo because she's dum. blaghjlihugfcghyujihugyftdrftgyhuiojhugyftgyhuji
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