Same but Different *Zuko Love Story* Book 1/3*

Same but Different *Zuko Love Story* Book 1/3*

What if Aang the avatar had a sister just like him named Skya. She can master all four elements but is not the avatar. Weird right, that is what everyone thinks.

published on September 24, 201370 reads 16 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


I am Skya-Luna, but just call me Skya

An air bender.

I am at the Southern air temple.

Very good at air bending too. I can bend all four elements. I am a Master in air, water, and earth. Not fire though.

I have a brother named Aang. We found out that he is the avatar.

Well have to go Aang is coming over and is looks sad and worried.
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Comments (2)

Yes!! Do more! Please! Lol
on January 30, 2014
Should I put more?
on September 24, 2013