The Cleansing

The Cleansing

this is a snip of what could be another one of my stories... the question is should I make it? a demon girl wanders into the dimension of mortals to find the holly child, can she find him, or will she be cleansed and killed?

published on January 03, 201414 reads 9 readers 5 completed
Chapter 1.

Waking to the dark~

Merceedis woke with a fright to the nightmares she had been frequently having, she looked into the dim lit mirror only to see a pale, vampiric reflection. The moon was still high in the sky, waiting to decent into daylight.
  She came upon the window and took a glance outside only to find  the emptiness of her dimension.
  For you see, Merceedis was alone, she was alone in a place with no light but that of the moon and dim lit candles, because in this place, sun would forever fall and the moon never would set.
  She was lonely, even though she could see spirits that constantly whispered in her ears.
  How she longed to leave the hell she was upon, the spirits began to persuade Merceedis to give into them, telling her she could be free of the lonliness she had forever felt.
  She did not want to accept, for she was afraid of other beings like her, what if they would not accept her?
   Merceedis just could not make up her mind, but the damned spirits just would not cease!
  How she wished the whispers would stop, Merceedis could not take it any longer; But the voices were all she had ever known, then suddenly a thought passed through her mind, "Would there really be other beings like me? It is surely impossible." But she had no choice, she came unto the devilish spirits and agreed to offer her soul to the demon who created this dimension.
  They giggled,
        "You foolish demon-"
        "Yes demon, you are one of the damned."
        "What are you talking about? it is quite impossible to say the least."
        "It is because you have not seen your true form."
        "True form-"
    The ground suddenly shook as merceedis began to feel a shiver down her spine and a sharp pain in her head and shoulder blades.
  She fell to the ground feeling something rip through her head and shoulder blades.
    The ground again went still.
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Right more!
on May 14, 2015
Plz wright more
on July 07, 2014
on January 10, 2014
This is really good Mary (btw this is RozenChara)
on January 03, 2014
sorry about the spelling error *holy
on January 03, 2014