Lost (1)

Lost (1)

I got really inspired by the new Tomb Raider so I decided to make my own storyline to it.

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Chapter 7.

Jared's Change

Just when I was beginning to like this guy a girl decides to show herself? Nothing can get me madder. They probably had some history I prefer not to know about. Just the thought... makes me sick. How can she like Nyne? She probably likes Jared too. My god. His name is Jared. No. I. Can't fall in love with this guy. He could tear me apart. I can not let my emotions get the best of me. My goal is to get off this island. Not get jealous. I look down from the edge of the cliff. Boats from past wars and other types all smashed into the rocks below. It looks horrifying. No one would want to be stuck there. I look in the distance after about 15 minutes and make out Pace sitting by the fire. My eyesight never failed me. Jared is no where to be seen. I make my way back to the camp. Upon reaching the camp, I take a seat on the ground across from Pace. I take in a deep breath.
"Jared thinks he's more dangerous than the Oni. What do you think?" Pace looks up at me and makes a confused expression.
"I would say he's bluffing but I never seen his inner self before. People here are deadly on the outside and ill in the inside. The Oni are sane soldiers they just get "insane" because of orders. You know. There soldiers. They were born to listen. But Jared is a mixture. I believe he has the power to scar someones life... only if he wanted to. Vampires don't just...die. Same with Oni. But  Jared's--" I see Jared from afar approaching us. Pace immediately stops talking when she sees my body movement.
"No sign of Ogusta. You sure he didn't get caught?
"Ogusta is an Oni soldier. He wants out. He can get that. He"ll be here soon. Believe it." I see Jared look up at the sunset. He looks at me. I turn my head to the side.
"Pace. Don't give me no shit. I will erase you if you act the way you acted at the palace. Got it? Straigh-"
"I don't have to listen to you. You're not my daddy piss-off." Jared stares at the back of Paces head intensley. He walks off somewhere. I decide to get up to go over to the cliffs once again by the boats and shipwreck. Pace just sits there looking off into the distance.

        I finally approach that cliff that scares me the most. I always wanted to know what's on the other side beyond that but jumping that far is scary. Far too horrifying. I turn around and go through one of the caverns leading back. I hear a cry. Oni. I dash full speed forward but it's too late. The Oni soldier appears in front of me standing completely still. I scream. All of a sudden Jared smashes down on the Oni's head and takes it's helmet off. A man lies beyond this Oni soldier. A man.
"I should kill you now because of that. Go. Move. Before I change my mind." He leads the man snickering out of the cavern and down to the camp. I follow behind.

                        "Here's your dumb ass boyfriend." Jared says roughly.
"He's not my boyfriend he's my friend! Jared ignores her and walks over to the little metal hut. He shuts the door.
"Chance, this is Ogusta. He's like my bodyguard when I was at the palace. Always there for me. He's not a true Oni soldier though otherwise his face would be all spliced up and unatural. I consider him a true friend to the heart." Uninteresting above all levels. I. Don't. Like. Oni. Why can't she see that?
"I hope that Jared didn't give you much trouble. He can be... overwhelmingly frightening. And... bi-polar. Shit drives me insane. Like dude. Relax. You live forever be satisfied. Gosh. Ogusta says bluntly.
"You guys sure know a lot about him."
"Hell yea girl! He's crazy mentally! He just doesn't show it! He doesn't care about anything or anyone! He tried killing me twice because I fist pumped his shoulder or, eer something like that shit! He was sentenced to death but thats not possible so they just said the heck with it. He. Oh wow. He's just... just-"
"Shut up, Ogusta. Too much. Jared can hear you. Well if he wants to."
"But I want to tell her stories! Jared and the moon and chang-"
"Ogusta! Stop! Now!" They keep argueing and don't notice when I stand up to leave. I approach the metal door Jared slammed earlier. I open it and walk inside. Jared's slightly leaned over a table with books and papers spread out. His head is down. He seems stressed out to the limit. I approach him very slowly. I stand next to him. Hoping he would look up. Jared looks up at me. His eyes are bloodshot red. His eyes paralyze me. So... frightening. I have no idea what to do but stare into his eyes. He instantly throws me to the wall and pins my wrists to the steel wall. That hurt. A lot. I'm speechless. What is he going to do to me? Why is he acting this way? He leans into my neck and sniffs it. I feel his hot breath on my neck, his lips grazing my neck by inches. My heart is thumping out my chest. I can hear it. I know he can too. I start shivering. I'm freaking out now. He's going to bite me in here I know it! I lost all ability to talk or move. He comes to my face now. He comes closer, his lips grazing mine. It makes me close my eyes as he kisses me slowly and passionately. His kiss sent me a shockwave so big I almost fell. Not being able to hold my own weight, I feel myself slip. He grabs my waist but pulls away. He looks... back to to his old self.
"Uh... sorry." He walks out and shuts the door. I slouch down to the floor. Was I what calmed him down? He... used me?
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Great story! Pls write more!
on September 04, 2013
on September 04, 2013