Lost (1)

Lost (1)

I got really inspired by the new Tomb Raider so I decided to make my own storyline to it.

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Chapter 6.

She's Back

Her moves. Her agility and smoothness. I can not let these emotions overwhelm me. She's always doing something that turns me on and it's making me crazy. I walk over to edge of the platform gazing upon the thrashing waters. I sense someone approaching me from behind. I turn to look and spot Chance coming up next to me gazing at the water. She isn't looking at me. Not a glance from chance. I find myself staring at her lips.
"Do the Oni ever come here?" Chance says emotionless.
"I have always lived in this part of the island and never seen Oni come. Even if they did. They wouldn't acknowledge me. They look for women. They kill anyone who interfers. I'm just a delivery boy." She looks at me finally, just gazing in my eyes. She's like a jewel. An ancient prize. Absolutely hard to find but when you do find it... you get to make yours forever. I get in closer to kiss her but she pulls back at the last minute looking at me in a different kind of way. She turns around and that's when I spot her. Pace Giblownowski. That annoying girl I always argued with because of that damn Nyne. He's a player. Let it go. But not only was she annoying with that. She always complained and had something to say. She made me not want to be around her. I mean, the first day I met her I thought she was kinda hot but then I started getting fed up. And I wanted to leave anyway. Upon finding out I was a vampire she tried her very damn best to get me to bite her. Not gonna happen though. She'll be even more annoying. I cross my arms.
"He kicked you out? What a shocker..."
"Shut up, Jared. Don't screw me over. "I" decided to leave because I was done being his sidekick. He can complete his "work" on his own." Same old same old Pace. I see Chance look as shocked as ever.
"Yea. Chance. This is Pace, Pace this is Chance. Pace served Nyne from the day she arrived on the island. She arrived when I arrived.  Nyne has this thing where he likes to stay and look young and Pace happened to get that. We both been on this island the same amount of time. Chance looks at me then at Pace.
"How the hell did you manage to get past the Oni. Chance says intimidating Pace and walking off to the shipwreck.
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Comments (2)

Great story! Pls write more!
on September 04, 2013
on September 04, 2013