The legend of the Kairos

The legend of the Kairos

Altoa the Merrowfang dragon has been reading for a lifetime about the mysterious and legendary Kairos dragon. He explores everyday in the forests of Mountfang and even the highest of mountains, searching for the Kairos. Will he ever find the Kairos dragon he's looking for?

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1 Tribes Fallen

Chapter 1 Tribes Fallen

"LEAVE NOW!" A dragon snarled. It was a dragon named Miroan. He had spotted a dragon from another tribe and struck with no resistance. It was a Flamewing dragon explorer. Apparently they had to come into the white dragon tribe's territory every night twenty-four seven. The Flamewing dragon snarled and held its ground.
"If its a fight you want, its a fight you'll get." Miroan growled and let out a large roar. Miroan was smart enough to know that he would need help kicking another dragon from their territory.
White dragons surrounded the battlefield left and right. The Flamewing was outnumbered. In an instant Miroan lunged and clawed the Flamewings left shoulder, but the Flamewing dodged and countered Miroan's exact move. Miroan winced in pain. At once several dragons attacked the Flamewing. That Flamewing was stronger than they thought. A few hours later the Flamewing was to weak to stand. It fell to the ground, to weak to move.
"Get that Flamewing out of our territory." Miroan rumbled. Without hesitation two dragons took the trespassing unconscious dragon out of their territory.
"I can sense this is a bad situation we are facing." Miroan muttered to himself. He launched up into the sky and flew away.
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