the dragons gold

the dragons gold

this is a story about a poor boy who follows a dragon. i hope you like it!

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the dragons gold

the dragons gold

The Dragons gold

Once there was a boy named Cedric. He lived with his mother and older brother in a town called Green Creek. Besides the fact his family was poor ,and had barely enough to eat, he was a happy boy. Cedric loved to read and learn just about anything. One day, while Cedric was reading a book the baker had lent him, he heard a loud roaring noise, and the ground started to shake; it shook so hard that his book flew out of his hands. “Gracious, what is going on” thought Cedric. He looked around outside, yet he saw nothing unusual..... He thought, “That is rather odd. What could possibly make that much noise?” Then he looked around again, and this time he looked even harder.This time he saw what made the noise that disturbed his reading, and he couldn't believe his eyes! He rubbed them furiously; then, still in disbelief, he pinched himself, but there was no denying what was at the edge of the forest, what was stirring among the trees. Cedric was not crazy. You too, would not believe what was at the end of the forest either. At the edge of the forest a teal colored dragon with dark purple eyes stood.

“Amazing!” breathed Cedric. He, like many other of his fellow villagers, thought these legendary creatures were extinct. Cedric noticed the golden arm bracelet the dragon wore on its left arm. Little red jewels caught his attention. Could they be rubies? Just then an idea came to him. “Hmm...” he thought,”... I remember from reading the book my neighbor Mr. Lovegood gave me, that after a dragon conquers a knight it takes the knights treasure and keeps it in his cave.”Now Cedric had another idea. “What if, I follow the beast to it's cave. Then, when its sleeping, take some of it's gold and bring it home to mother. She would be so surprised!” So, he grabbed a bag, and a loaf of bread (which was about the size of a small recipe box), a canteen of fresh water, some stones, and a slingshot to put in the bag. After he gather his supplies he hurried to catch up with the Monster.

At the edge of the forest, Cedric saw that the dragon had moved on. He could still see it in the distance. So he started after it, trying not to get to close, but close enough to examine the beast. He saw that the dragon was not well nourished, therefore, it was very skinny. He watched the dragon closely as they went through the forest, but when they came to a big pile of rocks he was surprised how fast the dragon climbed them, and had a hard time keeping up. After they climbed the piles of rock they traveled over dried ground for a while, then through yet another forest. To Cedric, it seem to be hours since he left home to follow the dragon. Finally, the dragon stopped in front of a dark cave. The dragon went into the cave, but Cedric hesitated at the entrance. “Maybe I better wait till the dragon falls asleep to enter.” he thought to himself. So he found some rocks, sat down, and made himself comfortable.

He waited for a while till he figured the dragon was asleep, then he crept in. Cedric tip-toed along trying to be as quiet as possible. In the great darkness he tripped over an object that he could not identified. Could it be a golden jar? The dragon stirred. Cedric quickly drew in a sharp, deep breath. He remained still. A dark, frightening silence surrounded him. A voice emerged from the darkness. It was low, deep, and spoke slowly. “I know you are there, I saw you following me.” It said. “Who are you? Reveal yourself to me, stranger.”

Cedric didn't know what to do. “M-My name is C-Cedric. I come from the town of Green Creek. P-Please don't hurt me. I'm a poor boy. I live with m-my mother and brother, Mr. dragon.” How he managed to stutter this, he never knew.

“Mr. dragon!?” the dragon snorted. “My name is Kreacher,” he paused. “Well, Cedric, you followed me all this way, what is it that you want.”

Cedric blinked, “could it really be that easy?” “U-um.” Cedric stammered. He knew what he had come for, but he didn't know how to ask for it. “I could just flat out ask. That wouldn't be polite though ,and mother would want me to be polite to this creature.” He thought.If only Cedric would have read his dragon book more carefully. He would have known that asking a dragon for its gold was like asking a king to give up every thing he owned, and unfortunately it was extremely deadly. But not knowing this he asked, “ You see Kreacher, my family is very poor and we hardly have enough to eat. So I was hoping maybe....I.. could.. have a pound or two of gold?”

“WHAT!!” Kreacher said furiously.

“Or.. maybe.. not.” Cedric was frightened. Now, he didn't care about gold. All he wanted was to leave while he was still alive. “I... could.. just.. leave if you want.” Cedric edged toward the caves entrance, but the dragon leaped in front of the him blocking Cedric's way.

“You will not leave this cave alive.” Kreacher growled. “How stupid do you think I am boy ?! If I let you leave you will come back when I am asleep or have left to hunt and will robbed me. I will not w-ill not be robbed. No, I will kill you before I let you rob me.”

“Not if I kill you first!” a voice that was familiar to Cedric called out. Edric jumped out of his hiding place, from behind a tall rock. He lunged at Kreacher with his sword. All he did was give Kreacher a nasty cut on his left front leg. Kreacher jumped out of the way and slashed out his tail hitting Edric near the eye, resulting to a bad cut on his face. Again, Edric lunged at Kreacher, aiming for his heart. Kreacher gave Edric a powerful blow with his right claw, causing Edric to land against a jagged rock. Edric pulled himself back up and slashed out at the dragon repeatedly with his sword.

Cedric, who had wrapped his arms around his knees and his buried his face into his arms, looked up and took notice of his surroundings. It was lighter now. Cedric had looked up just in time to see Edric jump onto Kreacher's back, and with much force, he drove the sword into the dragons side. The following sounds gave Cedric hope. First, the sound beast's loud cry of pain, then, the crash of his fall, followed by the thud of his head hitting the the hard, cold, earth. “Is he dead?”Kreacher took one last deep breath with much trouble, and the life which once stirred in him ceased to stir any longer. Cedric hesitated as he paced over to Edric who, at this moment was laying beside the dead monster.

Edric was covered in blood some being his own, while some being that of the dragon. “Edric?” Cedric called, but there was no answer. “ E -Edric are – are you o-k ?” Cedric was worried. He and his brother were very close. He didn't like seeing his brother hurt let alone did he want to see his beloved brother dead. “Edric, please, don't be dead. Edric wake up, WAKE UP!” Cedric sobbed, “ please don't leave me” A moment later, he repeated in a hushed voice “ don't leave me. I love you Edric.” “This is all my fault. Mother will disown me. Oh, what am I ever going to tell her?” He cried. Then a soft, peaceful voice spoke.

“The truth, I hope.” it was Edric. He was alive!

“Edric!” Cedric was thrilled! Cedric threw his arms around his brother.

“Ced, why did you come here? Edric asked.

“I.. I just ..thought I would.. get some gold for us.” Cedric answered. “What does he think of me. Does he think I'm foolish?” He wondered.

“Where did you ever get an idea like that, you almost got yourself killed. How did you even get here?” He asked.

How should Cedric answer? Cedric hesitated. “Well I- hang on, how did you get here?”

Edric grinned. He told his brother that he had known the dragon was there for a few days. Surprisingly, he had the same idea Cedric had. “It was very dangerous of you to come here. You shouldn't have. You could have been killed.” Edric concluded.

“The same could have happened to you, Edric. Besides, I could have handled it.” Cedric replied Edric tried to give Cedric a serious look, but couldn't hide his smile. “Or... maybe... not.” Cedric said with a grin. The brothers laughed, and laughed, till there sides ached.

Once the boys had finished their laughing, they took some of the gold and went back home. Their mother was surprised, frightened, and thankful, all at the same time. Once the boys had fallen asleep that night, their mother crept into their rooms and kissed them good night. “Sleep well, my brave, brave boys.” she said tenderly. They all knew they never would have to worry about their next meal again. When ever they ran out of gold, they could go back to the cave to get more. All, from that day forward, went well.
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Comments (3)

It is a good story!
on November 23, 2015
ok..ill see what i can do 4 u!! im glad u like it so well!
on December 07, 2012
Good Story. I really do hope to see you continue it
on December 07, 2012