A goodbye for now

A goodbye for now

It is with a heavy heart, and a broken soul, I shall say my goodbyes for now and to come.

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A goodbye for now.

Hello, qfeasters. I bring bad news. I am extremely distracted because of all these different accounts and things I have going on in my life. So, because of this, I won’t be on for a while. My grades in school are starting to drop, and right now I need to drop focus on the extra things in life and to focus mainly on my work. In order to be able to think clearly and to write more, I need to now focus entirely on finishing this school year. I need to remove the distractions, no matter how lovely they are. :( So as of now, for only a while, I will not be on for some time.
Do not get me wrong. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE QFEAST! I just need to start focusing on the things that matter as of right now.
I have siblings I must take care of, and I have to deal with 2 deaths in my family. My great Aunt, and my grandmother’s brother both died last week. My family is extremely close and my siblings and I knew both personally. With my parents both working now from 8 to 8, it is my duty to help my siblings and to cope with my own work. These are some of the few reasons why I have to leave as of now. I absolutely love all of you qfeasters, and the community as well.
I’ve also been sick with a bad flu or something. My chest was hurting and it was hard to focus. Although better, I still have a lot of work to catch up on. I really hope you all understand why I have to leave for now. I am going to come back, but I don’t know when. It may be in June or July, I’m not entirely sure. Just go where the wind flows, and I hope you all have a wonderful year guys. I’m going to miss qfeast. But I need to decrease my distractions so I can get my grades up and work done.
So I will see you then.
Alas, I wouldn’t just have this goodbye without any sort of writing… so here is a poem I was working on for a free write and a game I’m working on.

If one had three wishes, what would they ask for?
One of the most common answers would be infinite wishes,
another would be power,fame or fortune,
Perhaps good looks,
or maybe wings?
Who knows what one would want.
Perhaps revenge on someone who had wronged them in their life.
Power such as this is rare, and probably not found in our existence,
but what would you do, if you held this power?
Would you hide it?
Think of the impact upon the world it may have.
The whole world is in your hands.
It is your decision to make, not mine.
But please, think hard and ask yourself,
What will you choose?
What if you had one wish, and infinite wishes would not count?
What would you do?
Would you choose your private desires?
Or would you wish for peace and happiness for all?
It is completely up to you, and what you shall decide… determines this world’s fate.
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We'll miss you
on March 13, 2016