A Tale of Two

A Tale of Two

Meet Jeff. Jeff is the honor roll student in a gifted program for Gods. He is extra careful and always thinks for like ten minutes before he does anything. Meet Frost. Frost is an outlaw and had no education in her life. If these two Gods meet, they could tear apart the earth! Or, that's what they say.

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Chapter 1.
Two Opposites Meet

Two Opposites Meet

Jeff's POV.
                        It was a normal day like no other. I was in my room, studying for a test NEXT week. My Mother comes in my room. "Jeffery, your report card is here!" I smiled. "May I see?" My Mother nods. "Me and your Father are looking at them right now." I went into the kitchen were my Father reads my report card. "Amazing Jeffery! All A's. I think we have a good one, Mary!" I blushed. "Thank you, Father." My Mother goes to cook dinner. "Oh no, it appears there is no more meat. Jeffery, here are 50 coins, go to the market and buy some fresh meat." I nod. "Yes, Mother." The market was not as busy, and more peasants were shopping then Gods. I look around to sea meat, until I heard a lady scream. I turn my head to see what was wrong. A girl with blue-ish skin and long white hair is running across the market. She was carrying the Ice Crystal Necklace, the only thing that allows the Ice Goddess to come to Earth. This female must have stolen the priceless gem, and I had to stop her. I run over to this out-law, trying to grab her. But she was to fast for me. She jumped onto a hot dog stand and flips onto the top of booth tents. That did not make me stop. I ran and ran and ran. The female laughs at me. She was not looking where she was going, so she didn't see that the there were no more booth tents. While she was on the ground, I pinned her so she could not move. "Who are you?!!?" I said. "What are you doing with The Ice Crystal?!" The female looked upset. "It belongs to ME." She says and runs away. I realize what I had done. I've lost the fate of the earth.

Frost's POV.

                        Well, as the Ice Goddess, I make my own decisions. So I was all like, "Hey. Why don't I go to the market?!" Worst mistake of my life. I was causally walking, trying to find something to steal. Hey, I wasn't here to play dress up. So, I looked around, then seeing some gold nuggets. I lift my hand, but the booth keeper was returning from his lunch break. I ran as fast as I could. A boy with orange-ish skin and flaming hair started chasing after me! He got REALLY close, but I jumped onto a hot dog cart and onto the booths. I thought he would stop, but he didn't. I laughed at how weak he was. I was looking were I was going, and I feel of the booths. Then he PINS me to the ground. He's all like, "Who are you?!!? What are you doing with The Ice Crystal?!" I was upset and scared. Point A) Do I LOOK like a HUMAN to YOU!??! Point B) The Ice Crystal belong so to ME. It's the only thing that allows me to live on earth, if he took it of I could DIE. I pushed him off. "It belongs to ME." I ran away. The fate of the earth, gone.
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