When Amber finds out her craziest nightmare is real, she is dumbfounded. Her Dreams and life will Become Fears, or wonders... What will she choose? Also, this is a Creepypasta sort of, that i made up!

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Chapter 1.


It was 9:00 P.M, and Amber had a test the next day. After 3 full hours of studying, she was ready plop down on her bed, but little did she know that was the biggest event that would happen in her life.

                                                                                Amber's POV

I tucked myself into my pink bed sheets, nice and snug and tried to fall asleep... but i couldn't. I didn't know why. I kept trying anyway. I HAD to get a good night's sleep. But just before i really did fall asleep, i saw my bedroom door open, and a... a girl floated through and smiled. She had black matted hair, a grey dress that was torn all over, grey skin, no eyes-only sockets- and her arms and legs were about 3 feet long each and very slender. Right after i could a good look at her, i fell asleep.

I awoke-at least i think i was awake- in a stone room with only a table with 2 chairs at each end. Nothing else. Suddenly, the girl appeared in the chair opposite from my side. She motioned to the chair across from her, perhaps for me to sit down, so i did. I know i should have been scared, but i wasn't... i don't know, the girl just emitted a calming aura, which was surprising considering her appearance.

She spoke her first words to me: "I'm Annabeth." She smiled. "You may ask me 2 questions before we start. Go ahead." I was dying to know if this was a dream or not, It should've been but it felt so extremely real that i just couldn't help but ask. "Am i dreaming?" "Yes child. I should warn you though, what choices you make in here will become a reality, and whatever you choose, i will see you again, more than once or only once after." "Ok." I said, confused. I didn't know what Annabeth was talking about, but i just wanted to get whatever this was over with.

So i asked my second question. "Are there more of you?" She frowned. "Amber, do not ask such questions. it is better you know as little as possible until we find out what happens." I nod, not feeling like I want an argument. "Anyway, let's get this over with." Sighed Annabeth. It sounded to me like she had done this before. She held out her long arms, clenched in fists. "Choose one of my hands." I looked over each one carefully, and my gut was telling me to choose left. I knew not to go against my gut feelings, so i pointed to her left hand. We both looked down as she opened her fist, and above her palm glowed the letters CP. Annabeth Beamed with happiness. "I'll see you in 2 months! Live life to the fullest until then, you won't have time after!"
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