you won't believe what happened to me!(2)

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When i woke up i was totally exhausted from last night , my sis was even more tired (seeing that she was on her phone for the WHOLE (not) night) . I got up and got ready for school. Going on the bus with my sis was a pain she always  tells others that i have no fashion sense and stuff on ssocial media. And whenever i went on the bus people would say "Jade ur soo but-ugly even your sis says U stink!" And thatz how i hated my lipgloss and social media addicted sister. She even spreads nasty lies around now! Peeps i know you thinks she's a spoilt repulsive girl she's still my sis.
this is what happened to me when i whent on the bus
"hey ugly kid!"one of the people said
Then i saw someone familiar, MY SISTER!
Thats when i totally lost it"JANE YOU KNOW IM YOUR SIS AND NO-ONE MAKES FUN OF ME"i screamed
"oh well,Jade don't worry you can alway Photoshop ur ugly photos!"she said
"well atlest I HAVE HOPE, you cant Photoshop your gross personality!"i shot back. I was totally humilated intront of the whole school...
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