this is a poem i wrote last year... wht do you think? it is about well, the sky!!

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There are many wonders in this world,

but I think, personally, the sky is the great of them all.

It's so ever changing.

Sometimes during the hours called day

the sky is a clear pool of air.

Only the great fiery sun can be seen in this pool of air.

Other times the sky is adorn with fluffy clouds,

sometimes dark, sometimes white

sometimes big, and sometimes small.

Other times filled until heavy with fresh clear water.

The water falls from the sky above

sometimes in drops, sometimes in sheets.

Blanketing the earth with it's moisture,

and this water we call rain baths Mother Earth.

Then during the hours we call night

the sky turns a deep, navy blue,

welcoming the moon.

The majestic moon rises to greet the night sky

the stars follow.

Like the jewels on the crown of England

they adorn the sky with amazing beauty.

Then as the sun returns to take it's place in the morning sky.

The moon complements the sun saying,

“Sun, Sun, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,

and yet you grow more beautiful every day.”

The sun blushes in reply,

resulting in a beautiful sunrise.

Clothing the sky with colors if orange, purple, pink, blue, gold, and red.

Clothed richer than any king is the sky.

The sky the worlds greatest wonder,

Gods greatest creation,

repeats it's cycle again and again.

Until the earth passes away.
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Comments (2)

This is a great poem! :)
on March 31, 2013
Awesome! There's a lot of great imagery, this really has potential!
on March 20, 2013