TRON the Hero, Part 1

TRON the Hero, Part 1

This is a story about the digital Hero, TRON. His job, to protect the grid, the digital world created by Flynn. But that isn't the main subject, mind you.

published on July 18, 20139 reads 5 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.


  TRON, a hero programed by Allen to protect the grid. Flynn based his system out of the ENCOM system. But he built a better version of that system and called it, "The TRON system". It's creator, Flynn designed it for games, but it grew into something much more. He was able to enter and exit through a laser that could materialize in digital realm, the grid.
He built a digital copy of himself, named CLU. His purpose was to help create the perfect system. However, CLU hungered for power, and betrayed Flynn. TRON fought while Flynn escaped. He never saw TRON again. TRON, had been derezed.

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I'm working on a sequel.
on October 11, 2013